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My Hero

At the heart, of countless of the world's most lasting and legends and myths is a hero, a man or female who victors over obstacles. Heroes are not omnipotent and everlastingbeings. Instead, they symbolize the best of what it signifies to be a human being, demonstrating great potency, courage, knowledge, ingenuity, or devotion.

Daniel Boone has remained an iconic figure in the American history. During and after his death, he has remained a legend in America and Europe. According to American culture, Boone has remained one of the most frontiers of men; even though, mythical events have outdone his lifestyle events. Boone has been referred to as a hunter, a husband, and a soldier. According to the myths story, when he was young he showed his hero’s characteristic by killing a panther. It is said that; while the rest of the youths ran away due to panther’s scream. He stood still, shot the animal, and killed it; while it was leaping towards him. This is heroic, courage and not all posses that king off gut when stared by death. He was a soldier in his early age and serves his country honestly. In addition, he was a father of four and a husband. According to the legends story of the America, frontiers had their initials and names engraved on rocks and other location. Boone’s initials were found in many locations as evident in Tennessee. In accordance, to the theme song, Boone was not just an ordinary person from physic to internal power and courage, he was extraordinary. He has been considered as a hero for many years after his death. According to my opinion, he was an extraordinary man who qualified to be referred to as a hero. The song describes him as a brave, fearless and a frontier, these descriptions depict a hero, and indeed Boone was one. This is evident as the song describes him as “The roarin'est, rippin'est, fightin'est man” (Vera Matson, 1966).

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In contrast, according to the article in America Experiences Boone was just but a common man. He was a courageous frontier leader of the American Revolution; as a leader, he had to be brave so as the rest could have trust in him. He was just a common man with life style as of the rest such as a father and husband. A soldier and a hunter; these characteristics are bound by courage, so Boone was compelled to act in accordance to the status. Status, chances, or privileges sometimes make others at an upper hand and make them appear heroic in their daily activities. It is difficult to separate heroes from ordinary people since heroes just provide the best of human nature or characteristic. In this consideration, Boone was just an ordinary person who did his actions well and appropriately. He is a man; Boone was a man. This is an indication that he was just similar to the other men. He lived an ordinary life where he faced family challenges just like the others the only difference is that he did the best of his chances. The truth and myths statement are always conflicting or not agreeing since myths are superstitions. According to the article of American Experiences, Boone was just an ordinary man not a hero according to myths.

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 The difference between a hero and an ordinary man is very thin. Comparing and contrasting lifestyle of Boone as a hero or just a man is difficult and not easy. According to the song, he was a mightier and a hero while the article gives the opposite side of the myths.

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