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About Mary

Mary was the reserved house wife who strictly took care of her home in a perfect way. She had a daily routine of waking up at 6 A.M, preparing breakfast by 7 A.M, and dropping off the children at school by 8 A.M. She had the perfect life that every married woman would envy. However, she had one problem: her queer husband. Grizzly had a weird moustache the resembled the whiskers of a cat fish. He would move most of the time as if in adoration of his unique appearance. To complement his crude appearance, he would always clad in black. He had one problem: he envied his wife’s beauty and would never allow her to leave the house without his knowledge.

The couple lived in the Wood Valley area community. This was an area with expansive farms such that one would trek for half an hour through fields of corn before finding the next farm house. It was the eve of Halloween and the couple had a very nasty argument that ended in the couple literary sleeping without talking to each other. This had become a routine and even the children knew about it. The youngest child, Mark walked into their bedroom after the argument and said “Mummy there is a ghost in my room”. Grizzly quickly responded with a hug, brushing his tough moustache on the cheeks of Mark. Then he carried him and took him to sleep. The next morning things went as normal, until evening when all hell went loose.

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Grizzly came back from work as usual feeling famished and wanted something to eat. He walked into their expansive sitting room, and the chandelier greeted him with a swirling motion. He called out loud, “Mary!!”, but there was no response from the house. He climbed upstairs, checked the children’s bedroom, and finally their bedroom, but there was no one in vicinity. He had all tires crunching in the distance, and quickly rushed to switch off the lights in a hurry. He heard the vehicle parked and the door slammed. “The crazy man is here, I knew he came and left”, Mary exclaimed as she entered the sitting room. She switched on the lights.

For a moment, Grizzly wandered where she had taken the children. He was upstairs. He opened the children’s room, checked the drawers and found all their clothes were gone. “So she is planning to leave me on Halloween!” Grizzly exclaimed while looking at his watch. It was now 8 P.M, and the moon was bright outside. Mary got up the stairs and suddenly the lights went out and the swirling chandelier came crushing on the ground. It caught her breath for a moment as she figured out what could have happened.

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There was a cracking sound from the roof of the house. It sent a silent chill through Mary’s spine as she pondered whether to continue going up the stairs or retract back to where she was coming from. First, there was a violent movement in the basement of the house that shook the house in frenzy, and then there was a loud shout “Mary, why are you leaving me! I told you will never go anywhere!” Mary gasped in her breather. Her saliva almost chocked her as she looked for words in a mouth. He voice had disappeared completely. The voice came again, this time not from the basement but from the roof “Mary I am speaking to you!” There was a lightning flicker from the windows. It looked like a flashlight, moving in wavy motion.

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The car engine went on. In a split second, the car engine raved up, soon there was a loud crash, and the wall of the sitting came caving in. Grizzly came out holding a bow shaped axe. Mary could not see clearly due to the bright head lamps. Grizzly confronted her and she lay on the sitting room floor helpless. “Please let me go! Mary said she amid sobs. Grizzly took out a rope from his pocket, tied up her hands, and took her to the balcony. He put Mary’s left hand thumb on a hard top, and cut it with the axe. Mary cried louder and louder, moaning for help. No one could hear her. The children were safe at their aunt’s place. In sudden rage, Grizzly held her chin and slashed her throat. Blood came spilling and she lay there dead. Grizzly started laughing as he as said “Oh Halloween! Oh Halloween!”

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