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My Future Company

I decided to start and manage my own company when I was a junior pupil. My parents have run their own successful business for many years and their vivid example of being useful for our society drove me to a really important choice in my life: "I will be better than my parents so they take pride in me". Since then my solution has been improved by the strongest desire to broaden my horizons This includes the creation of an international trade-manufacture firm reflecting the world experience. My motto is "Where there is a will, there is a way".

Having determined my goal I started to search for Universities specializing in Economics and Management. I did not consider business schools in Belarus because my ambitions are far greater. Thus I started looking for opportunities overseas. My choice was this University for several reasons. First, I assess the university's investments in future. I assume any progress or achievement cannot be gained without research and associated funding. Second, I see a real perspective in harnessing international research priorities in its curriculum. Studying Management with a focus on Leadership is one of the most essential steps in my career path. After graduation I intend to continue with a Master's degree and become president of my own company.

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Academically, I have always been a very determined and studious individual. I have a broad interest in many subject areas yet feel drawn towards the English language and Mathematics. I took extra classes on these majors which were of great use to me by enhancing significantly my individuality. I regularly spend one summer month in England or Switzerland to enrich my ability in English and enter the atmosphere of another culture and environment. I learned to communicate with international students and gained the ability to build reliable and trustworthy relationships.

I have successfully completed Foundation programme in Exeter that gave me a new set of skills and broadened my knowledge. I have seen great improvement in my presentation skills. This led to more confidence in speaking in English to share my thoughts and ideas in front of huge audience. I can now explain what I really want to say and express myself more easiely. This exceptional education experience will help me succeed in a fast-moving, globally competitive world. My hobbies of swimming, snowboarding and rollerblading helped me a lot in making friends. I realize how common interests unite people of diverse nationalities and religions and make them aware of others needs, aspirations and beliefs.

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I believe that team work is an important aspect of flourishing and prospective business. Following a Japanese management theory that an effective president of a company is that one who knows his business from top to bottom, I threw myself to gain practical experience in my parents' trading company. The firm imports cement and distributes it all throughout Belarus. My father is the head of the trade company in Belarus. I started as a courier. I was in charge of delivering correspondence and sometimes worked as a small-scale dealer. Of course, I could do this work only in my spare time which, frankly speaking I did not have much. It was a chance to be involved in the sphere of trade-manufacture relationships which provided me with the opportunity of observing and analytically thinking about marketing management and administration. As a result, I have gained the knowledge how to manage at different levels of business and defined the features of the character which are essential for a prosperous businessman and owner of a company.

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I consider myself to be well suited to a career of a manager and leader as I can accept responsibility for others and have the ability to think rationally. Responsibility for others requires the skill to manipulate evidence and present persuasive arguments to persuade people follow you. It also demands a great talent to influence people's subconscious thoughts so you can gain their trust and get them to do what you want. I believe that studying at the Department of Economics with Management will aid me in adopting world experiences of the greatest entrepreneurs and leaders. This area of work requires much confidence, sophistication and intuition which I believe I possess. This will allow me to do well in this competitive field of work.

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