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Personal Statement for Residency Application

At fourteen years of age, I asked to join my father on one of his medical journeys to the desert regions of Saudi Arabia during my summer vacation. He was a nurse at that time, and I had noticed that he always returned from these travels with a sense of accomplishment; thus, I was intrigued. It was a long trip into various areas, moving from tent to tent, traveling with a medical team that offered health education, vaccinations, treatment, and hospital referrals of particularly difficult cases. Honestly, I could not fully comprehend my father's inner satisfaction, even after this excursion, perhaps because I was too young to grasp the significance of his active participation in public service. Nonetheless, I had already chosen at that juncture to pursue a career in medicine.

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After attending MedicalSchool for seven years, I achieved my goal of becoming a physician.Then, I went ahead to complete a two-year internal medicine residency program at AseerCentral Hospital, which is a 600-bed facility, affiliated with the College of Medicine in KingKhalidUniversity. There, I developed in clinical experience and confidence. I have worked in general medicine, many of internal medicine subspecialties, and emergency departments. I have dealt with a variety of cases, from urgent live saving to chronic medical problem. I considered that experience is one of the richest aspect in my career. My supervising physicians helped me obtain scholarship funding that has allowed me to come to the United States to continue my training

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In 2007, I joined a Master of Public Health Program offered by University of California, Davis. The curriculum has encompassed statistics, epidemiology, health economics, and a variety of other public health disciplines. This program, not only has provided me with substantial knowledge about the American healthcare system, but also has allowed me to realize the importance of viewing each single individual medical condition in a more comprehensive social context.

During my study in the MPH, I discovered the complexity of health care delivery, even in the country that spends more than 17% of their GDP on health care. Surprising fact, this did not insure the optimum quality of health care, taking in account that the life expectancy is lagging behind many nations with much less spending, did not insure the health care accessibility to all citizens, bearing in mind that more than 45 millions of the population without any kind of health insurance, did not insure efficiency, since it seems that the prices paid for health services are much higher in the united States than other wealthy nations, especially in Federal and state programs, and furthermore, did not also insure a highest number of doctors and nurses per person. The health care is much more than digits of a budget making the community thinking of the health reform plan.

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Moving back to Saudi Arabia in 2010 and working in the public health Department in a wealthy country depending on the direct state spending on the health care, i found out that the quality, accessibility, cost, and fairness doesn't mach the huge spending.

I believe that the Capitalist or socialisttheories are not the easy answer for thedebate of health reformation, due to humanitarian aspects of health wellbeingamongother factors.Understanding the health caredisparitiesand thinking of innovative solutionswith an open mind, make me interested in health care policy and management, andmotivated to spendtime ,study hard, andwork hardto be a part the health reform effort.

I will strive to be a tremendous asset to the institute I enroll in, hence committing to bring a strong ethic,spirit of teamwork, and a high level of responsibility.

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