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Declaration of Major and Personal Statement

Question I

Economics, my intended major, is both a practical decision and a natural choice for me. Speaking practically, and from a holistic perspective, American economics currently warrants closer scrutiny and study than it has over the last several decades. Everyone is aware of America’s current economic status, and yet, very few people have been able to propose solutions to the existing problems. Both the local and the global economic crises that have come to characterize the last half-decade not only make the demand for economic experts clear, they underpin the urgency of that need. For this reason, economics is a lucrative career decision that is also personally rewarding. Undertaking such an important field for my personal study and mastery gives me a sense of duty and pride that I suspect is comparable to that which many civil service professionals must feel when they recognize themselves as an active part of the solution to difficult social issues. If I can develop and use my skills to maintain, generate or even bring business to any degree in this day and age, I will be contributing to society directly and meaningfully while earning a secure living for myself.

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My interest in economics is not, however, solely tied to an earnings ambition or pride in social contribution. As stated above it is natural for me. Early on, while school mates in around me flourished in the arts or technological sciences, I excelled in math. Partly because I have always been very methodological and analytical in my cognition and mathematic modes of thinking have always come quickly and effortless to me, but also, because the practicality of computation analysis captured my interest more so than sonnets, historic battles, graphic design, and etc. For me, the linear, analytical process of computation, coupled with the challenge of complex or even foreboding problems, has always interested and motivated me. It is in my nature to approach everything, including information, systematically and rationally, which I think informs my interest in mathematics, economics and business.        

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For these reasons, I accepted a position in an office when I was 16. In need of income, I preferred the simple counting job over things like stocking shelves or answering customer service calls. During my three years at that office, I went from creating simple data spreadsheets and making simple deposits and withdrawals to creating cost assessment presentations and assisting with loans and investments, learning every step of the way with eagerness and ability. Not only did I learn the processes and procedures, but I learned something about myself -- that I had a natural acumen for seeing spreadsheets and numbers in terms of sales, profit growths and margins. Thus, my interest in economics has also developed into a desire to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to turn my existing acumen and abilities into expert skill with impactful results for whatever challenge I may tackle in the business marketing and development sectors.

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Question 2

In addition to being highly analytical, ambitious, intelligent, motivated and income- and duty-driven, I am also a caring humanist, which I think is my best personal quality. Growing up in a politically tumultuous and economically disadvantaged area, I was exposed to seeing others hurt or suffer unjustly from an early age. This exposure underpins my resolve to secure a comfortable and rewarding future for myself, but also, compels me to help others, as I was raised to do. I believe that humanity is a universal experience and that all humans have basic rights to health, personal happiness and equal opportunity. Whether I am volunteering at the soup kitchens, donating my old clothes or making small monetary contributions to charity organizations, I always make it a point to help others in need, even if only in a small way. In fact, I am proud to say that my compassionate, humanistic personality has led me to join the Red Cross as a regular volunteer, and I have helped many people with shelter, food or even a simple smile over the years during my time as a member of the Red Cross. The thought of achieving and applying an academic degree to continue my contributions at the larger social, economic and business levels not only gives me a sense of personal satisfaction but also, is suitable to my particular personality. When people think of business and financial experts, they often picture a cold, corporate, self-absorbed executive, especially in recent years with the pocket-lining controversies being exposed in corporate America. I like to think that my compassion, combined with my academic potential as an economist, would help me to break that stereotype and restore the image of the financial expert as a useful and resourceful aspect to economic development, at least within the professional experiences with others that a major in economics will afford me.

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To conclude, my interest in economics as a field of study is multidimensional and reflexive. American economics interests me, and is in need of fresh, new and insightful interest so that it can be improved. Not only do I have a natural talent for -- and interest in-- making meaning out of quantitative information, but as a compassionate humanist, I have a sense of obligation to develop and apply my abilities toward a greater social good, while at the same time, recognizing the career possibilities and earning potential a degree in economics would afford me. My experiences thus far have led me to this academic path, which I am ambitious and confident about exploring for my own sake as well as for the sake of contributing to the economic state in impactful and beneficial ways. I want to learn about the problem, study it, and dedicate my work toward relieving and improving it, however I can, even if, like my charity work, in small ways. If I can generate financial success and economic development for even just a few businesses or one small area during my career, I can retire with pride, knowing that I spent my professional life doing good things for my employer, my state, and maybe even the country.

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