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Memorable Moment

Writing is a passion I have harbored for a very long time. My father and mother were Arab and American respectively; however, we lived in the UK. This integration of two diverse cultures triggered the interest of reading and writing in order to comprehend the diversity. As an only child, I spent most of my time buried in books to pass the time. As a result, I became very interested in English literature. English literature, in my opinion, is an aspect of writing that helps individuals to connect with their emotions. Poetry and songs in the literature is written in such beautiful and flowery language that any reader would enjoy reading.

Throughout my school life, my passion has revolved around poetry. Poems have been a way of expressing my inner emotions. Whenever stress was overwhelming, writing was the best therapy. This way, one can freely put their thought s into paper. This relieves pressure that would otherwise accumulate in the mind. The best thing about writing is that it enables individuals to freely air their opinion. This is an arena where an individual is free to be himself or herself without having to hide behind corporate desks and suits. What one writes reflects who they really are on the inside. Poetry is the hearts language and through poetry, people are able to express their innermost feelings.

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Everyone is a poet at heart. This means that whenever we compose and write down a love message or any other message expressing our feelings, we are actually writing poetry. The songs people compose and listen to are also forms of poetry. These songs revolve the everyday life of man. This is a key aspect that makes writing a beautiful and elaborate way for people to communicate their feelings to each other. It is, therefore, true to state that writing is an art that paints the writers’ soul and heart.

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