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The UC Personal Statement

Since I was young, my father used to tell me that he would like to see me becoming a great businessman when I grow up. “My son, business is developing and growing daily, it is one of the most significant factors that facilitate our economy and economic development. It is therefore my wish that you will follow my suit by being a businessman. However, don’t just be a mere business but be an educated businessman with all skills required in governing and running a business and business organization.” My father told me. My father was a businessman owning a shop in the city thus he knew that business was of the best job that can enable a person to lead a happy life particularly when he or she owns the business. I used to visit my father in his shop since I was and helped him to sell goods. I used to see him given little money for every goods purchased. One day, I asked him whether he was making any profits out of those goods sold. He told me that he earned some profit margins though not huge like other big businesses and business organization. “And this is the reason as to why I usually tell you to work hard and become a great and successful business with all skills required in carrying out business particularly in this evolve world.” He told me.

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It was since this day that I developed great interest in business with an objective of becoming business administrator. I started to visit my father in the shop everyday until when I even knew all prices and started selling goods even alone when my father had to attend to other duties particularly during weekends. When I started attending school, I made business to be my best subject though I was also good in other subjects like English, music among others. For instance, I started to learn piano since I was 7 years old and I have some awards in the field. These awards include the Central Conservatory of Music School of Music n Grading Test level 8 certificates and the second prize of The Piano Competition of Wuyan Piano School.

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Due to my objective of becoming a business administrator, I was and I am always working hard a fact that saw me completing successfully my primary education and joined Cal State Fullerton where I finished my first year. However, it is my great wish and desire to join UC due to the fact that it is one of the best universities in the country. It has the best study environment with modern and high quality classes, quiet and interesting. It has well qualified professors who are the key factor for the success. The professors of UC are friendly to students and have close relationship and ready to support at any given time. UC has a high level of discipline between its, tutors, students and the entire staff in that tutors and students can freely interact for the success. UC is also well known for its good performance with many of its students performing well and passing highly a fact that have seen them securing employment easily. Thus, these are some of the factors that have made me to choose UC as a place where I prepare for my career.

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I am a highly skilled person with high degree of self discipline and respect. I am a hardworking and dedicated fellow with high ability of working under pressure and in groups. I have some experience in the field of business administration that is my desired subject and career. For example, I have worked for Sunshine Insurance Company in addition to other companies. While working with the Sunshine Insurance Company, I accumulated high skills through my work which was a consultant. However, it was while working with this company when now become full aware of significance of being business administrator. I came to learn this when our business administrator had gone out for a seminar and left me in charge of the company. I did my best though I was successful. I had to ensure that all my fellow employees are attending to their duties within specified period of time and that all our clients are provided with goods and services within specified period of time. These gave me a headache since I was usually tired by the end of the day and some data and records were missing since I didn’t record them. This challenged me and gave me a new hope of advancing my skills thus UC is one of the best place where I can accomplish my objective.

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It is there my wish and expectation that I will be provided with this opportunity to accomplish my career and prove myself. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff, Tutors, students and the whole community of UC for providing me with this opportunity of joins your school as one of its students. I will be glad and ready to join you any time from now, regards.

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