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Back in last year, I was very much certain that I could major in business. I have gradually developed this interest from my family background. Most of my family members have undergone this course and I have lined to see tier success with their skills. I have finally developed a passion for this particular field of study. Most of my family members have been successful through acquiring the skills of business and to be more specific, I take my aunt as my mentor. Some days back when I visited her at her home in Houston, I could read success allover the compound. Despite all these success and achievements, she is still as humble as I knew her and very common as ever. On arrival at her home, she gave me a very warm welcome. This made me feel so much at home. She is the financial consultant at her working place and most people depend on her if they are to make a powerful decision that affects the organization. I take my aunt as an inspiration to life. This is basically because of the way she has managed to balance her family and her work. At her working place, she gives important decisions and strategies putting the customer at the heart of every decision made.

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I have also been an active participant of in the student organization for a period of two years. I was elected as the secretary but later developed into president. While a president, I learned many things that helped me overcome different challenges. This skill is going to be an important element while I am studying business. What I have also learned will assist me to get to the position of a CEO. This will allow me to manage hundreds of people in the organization. As a president, I managed the committees that had been formed by the members concerning the allocation of funds that had been granted by the school. The tough decision was to decide which committee was to be allocated more funds and by how much.

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From my past experience, I learnt that, the best place to discover leadership skills and implementing them is at the playing field. Being in the playing field, one is able to interact directly with different type of people yet it is a real competition. Despite the tough competition, one is required to be highly disciplined and keep the ethics at par. I have played soccer for so many years but while this was of assistance to my good communication skills, I realize that this is not my focus and my dream life. I apply for this position with an aim of being a consultant in my career and I am confident that the skills that I will gain will be the most important tool for me to pursue my future plans.

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I am open to experiences and generally appreciate art, adventure, emotions, imaginations, and I am curious. My curiosity is intellectual and I am sensitive to beauty. I have a rich vocabulary that with no doubt will be of assistance to other students in the university who have problems with language. I spend time imagining things and do not prefer using people's ideas. I prefer coming up with new ideas and challenging former people who thought about the same thing. I am never interested with abstractions and I mostly use difficult words in my communication. I do not prefer traditional experiences. It allows the rebirth of new ideas and thus making the business department receive very new ideas from students. This trait is vital in the outside world and most organization will prefer student with this trait as they will stand out in the market and always be the market leader in the industry. It also makes the organization to have a competitive advantage over their rivals in the market.

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When I incorporate my degree course with my personality, I will be able to achieve my career objectives which are; to achieve the goals and objectives through maximum utilization of the professional potential acquired. My other career objective is to work in a challenging and dynamic environment that is focused to meet deadlines in an efficient way sandwiched with the experience gained for dedication and creativity towards determination and hard work. These are my core drivers towards success. I am also conscientiousness. My past career of soccer taught me of being self disciplined and achievement oriented. I have been able to stand out from the rest of my peer. This gave me a promotion from a normal leader to being a supervisor of the team. I love orderliness and like to be prepared always.

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I am very eager at this particular moment to bring my leadership ability and my strong commitment to my success academically to this particular business school. I am very extraverted in my entire life. I like being with people and I don't really mind when I am the center of attention. The school has also stand out from other school in the same industry in changing the entire life of their students positively and I would like to be associated with this school. I know and have a strong believe that there is absolutely nothing that I cannot accomplish. All I need to do is to set my minds to it and I achieve. As much as my grades do not really reflect on my capability in this field of business, my interest in this field is very genuine. At that particular time, I had not really established my future career goals. I was also working and at the same time studying and this does not mean that I am restless but it just shows how I am aggressive in life and how I can multitask and still achieve my set goals. I was on the front line on submitting reports and all the group assignment in time. I will not therefore have any difficulty to work and participate in the group work.

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I am also an extra versed person. I have a tendency of seeking stimulations from a different group. I am very enthusiastic, and generally achievement oriented person. To describe me in a clear and a very straight manner, I like saying let us go for it to any opportunities that come at hand. I never lose any opportunity given instead I make full utilization of that given opportunity. Coming up with new ideas and criticizing the previous discoveries is what I love doing. Having my personalities at hand I will ensure that I leave the business school better than how I will find it. I will introduce business clubs in the school and if they exist, then I will upgrade them and make them very effective. The business clubs will ensure innovative ideas and will also ensure the discipline of the students has improved. Enlightening the youths on the effects of drug usage will be at my key driver to this. I have a strong believe that, the experience I have learned at the student organization will assist me overcome many challenges that a business student may face. This will therefore allow me get closer to my long term dreams and desires and finally be a successful person who will assist most people by giving advice on how best to manage their business other than my aunt.

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