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Favorite Memory


My favorite memory is the time when I worked hard to buy my favorite bicycle referred to as a ten-speed bicycle.

Part of Growing Up

When I was a kid I knew that what I wanted most than everything else was a ten-bicycle which a saw at Sears for the first time and realized that it better suited me. Its price tag with $189.00 confirmed my thoughts. At that moment I didn't have the whole amount but I did have $10. Because of this, I checked to see if I could put it on layaway.

During that that spring, I took every job that I could get. Every time I saw the other kids playing while I was sweating and dirty, I just thought of my ten-speed bicycle which was already mine and in just a matter of time. Each time I obtained a total of fifteen or twenty dollars, I would walk the two miles to the mall and pay a little more of the layaway until the day I had enough money.

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After making full payment, I took off down the busy three lane street for home. When I approached the intersection of the street, I heard a motor revving up and saw the telltale motion as it came directly towards me. It was all slow motion, frame by frame and I was suddenly lying on my side in the street. I got up and ran back to where I had been just a second before. Someone who saw me said that I had put my leg up and pushed off from the car, but I was busy trying to get my new ten-speed lying beneath it. The frame was bent and the tire was warped.

At the same time, I thought of what my mom would say. "I told you not to be out riding your bicycle in the streets. It's too dangerous. You might get killed. You better not do it at all." With the still pumping adrenalin, I made up my mind. "The bike is okay; I can still ride it. See?" I proved my point by riding away to my home.

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On that summer, I learned three important lessons. The first lesson is that I can meet my goals if I work hard for them. The second is that there are never any guarantees and the third one which is most important is that sometimes you just have to solve your own problems.

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