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I am writing to recommend Youssouf Thiam for an award from the Cambridge Trusts. It is an honor to write this reference letter to recommend Thiam for this prestigious award. Thiam has not only made numerous contributions daily in his role but he also willingly shares his gifts, talents and has a keen eye and expertise with others.

This letter supports Thiam's who is applying for the Cambridge trust. I had the pleasure of reading his statement of purpose with great care and have had several discussions with him and which I find compelling and important. Although young in age, he is ambitious and an expert in whatever he wants to do. Having taught him for two years, I can bear witness to his superb command for the course of graduate study at Cambridge. His focus of interest is admirably suited to someone of Thiam's talent and industry. The Cambridge graduate study is the ideal place for him to carry out his research and am very confident of Thiam's discoveries will in the long run make an important learning field not only in his native country where thousands of people are affected by the disease but also a step forward in our institutional learning here in America.

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Add to the above qualities, Youssouf Thiam is a hardworking person who is well liked not only by his fellow students but also his teachers. He has been the class secretary for two years now. He exemplifies outstanding quality of an outstanding dedicated leader who possesses personal integrity coupled with a thoughtful communicative style. He inspires many and possesses unique consummate style of leadership that adds to the tapestry of a relationship. This is the backdrop of my endorsement to his candidacy and am confident that this bright and energetic scholar and athlete will come out a victor.

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