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Genogram and Family History

A genogram is a pictorial illustration of a family tree. A genogram displays a comprehensive statistics on relationships among persons. Unlike a traditional family tree, a genogram enables the user to analyze genetic patterns and physiological patterns that underpin relationships. A genogram is more explicit and detailed; it maps out traits and relationships that may not be captured in a traditional pedigree chart. It gives in-depth information of the families represented. Genograms contain essential data captured on family trees like gender, name, date of birth and date of death of every individual (GenoPro,2009). In addition, a genogram will provide extra information on individuals such as major life events, chronic illnesses, and social behaviour among other details. Properly structured genograms will offer information on some disorders that run through the family. This may include diseases, depression, alcoholism, and living situations.

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In the genotype below, my maternal grandfather was of Chinese origin. He grew up with his parents in the Chinese country side. His father worked outside their home most of the time. This therefore, meant that my maternal grandfather only saw his father ones in a while. This emotional distance was the cause of his marital conflicts. My maternal grandfather together with his three sisters spent most of their time at home with their mother. Whenever my grandfather misbehaved, his mother would scare him by telling him that he would report my grand father to his father. His father was a great person who could not tolerate bad behaviour from his children. The fear of his father alone would make my maternal grandfather fear misbehaving. Even though his father was hush on him and often called him bad names, my maternal grand father assumed that his father loved him (McGoldrick, Gerson, & Petry, 2008).

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When my maternal grandfather married my grand mother Yu, the marriage seamed perfect. Everything went on well until their first born son, who is my maternal uncle was born. My maternal grandfather Kyun relied on what he learned from his father to discipline my maternal uncle. Thing became really tough in the family. My maternal grandmother on the other hand, came from a very loving family. Her parents were quite religious and peace loving. She enjoyed my grandmother enjoyed a warm relationship with her both her parents (Kennedy, Paipa, & Paipa, 2009).

My grandmother and my grandfathers faced a serious crisis since both came from two distinct backgrounds. Where as my father valued peace in the family, my grandfather was not at home most of the times and he scolded the family whenever he returned home. Things became worse when my maternal grandfather resorted to alcoholism. The marriage between my maternal grandparents did not last beyond five years. Their union was replete of triangulation and abuse. They both went separate ways but, my mother went with my grandmother. She grew up with my mother and she rarely got the chance to see her father. In terms of marital conflict, the problem was with my maternal grandfather.

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My maternal grandmother married twice, her first marriage to Kyun in 1945 did not last long due to my grandfather’s alcoholism. She remarried again in 1954, to a man of Asian origin from in accordance to the genogram. My maternal grandmother’s second marriage resulted to three more children. This means that my mother had other three more step brothers. My grandmother’s marriage to my grandfather resulted to four children. That is, my mother, my three uncles. One of my maternal uncles never married, and therefore he had no child. My uncle and my other aunt had on child who is my cousin (McGoldrick, Gerson, & Petry, 2008).

My mother met my father while studying in college in the United States. Both my parents are of Asian origin. My mother grew up in the family where love was displayed openly among family members. She stayed with my grandmother who valued family life. Peace was at the center of everything. Kisses, hugs other love expressions were very common in their set. Unlike my grandfather my mother was a true Chinese woman who believed in peaceful coexistence and dying old.

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This seamed to match my mother and my father. My father too came from a very peaceful family. Her parents were quite living lived together quite happily. It was quite natural for my paternal grandfather to openly show love to my father. Soon my father married my mother they had three children that is, my sister, my brother and myself.

On my grand father’s side, my grandfather Shun married my grandmother in late 1940s. They were both members of Chinese tribes. Both my grandfather and my grandmother were from very remote places in china. According to their culture, children were not supposed to question adults. They were supposed to respect their seniors absolutely. This meant that children were supposed to be seen but not heard. My grandmother’s parent often welcomed and entertained their important guests. During such festivals, my great parents would parade my grandmother and other children from the neighborhoods to entertain guests. When my grandmother Naima was growing up, she found fault in her parents. She realized that her parents never took her seriously.

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She vowed that when she will get married and get children, she will never treat her children the way her parents treated her. She swore that she will always listen to her children and incorporate them in the family decision making processes. My grandmother on the other hand came from a family that respect and acknowledged children. Despite the fact that his parents were strongly believed in respect for older members of the society, my grandfather was often involved in daily family matters (Kennedy, Paipa, & Paipa, 2009).

When my grandfather married my grandmother, they made a perfect couple. Together they raised three children. This included my aunt, my uncle and my father. Theirs was a peaceful marriage, even though it was many years back. Theirs was like a modern marriage, all children were treated equally. My paternal grandparents raised their children well without any major social problem.

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It is this background that explains why our family has been peaceful. We have health boundaries amongst ourselves. My parents quite loving, they struggle very to provide for their three children adequately. We are a loving family and we get along quite well with the rest of the family members. Even though am not married, I have a daughter and a son. My brother is married and together they have two children, a boy and a girl. My young brother is married but with no children. However, his wife has had two miscarriages.

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