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Affirmative Action

There is need to embrace affirmative action in order to correct injustices that we witness in our society. The effective affirmative action programs in place will ensure employers, educational institutions and corporate world does not discriminate the minority in society. This will ensure protection of these groups in regard to employment, schooling and possession of business and development. An example of minority groups in the United States include: blacks, Hispanics, women and other disadvantaged groups. (Holzer and Neumark, 2006)

The University of Kansas Medical Center (2010) stated that affirmative action can be improved by special recruitment efforts by educational institutions and employers among others. This will enable them to represent more applicants from various minority groups and women. Additionally, affirmative action can be enhanced by other special considerations alongside those mentioned above. They include low qualification requirement since in most cases the minority do have weak credentials compared to those of other groups

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Equal employment opportunities in the United States have been seen to be improved by proper good governance and political will. The affirmative action was put in place in the United States way back in 1960. This was in form of Executive orders from the white house as a directive to employers to put measures in place that would ensure protection of the minority. In 1965, the executive directed the employers to identify the marginalized in terms of employment. This was followed by formulation of a program to ensure the marginalized got employment. The same thing happened in 1967 but with the inclusion of women. (The University of Kansas Medical Center, 2010)

Affirmative actions have also been improved by legislation. In the United States, this has generated laws that bind government contractors to undertake affirmative action. This stipulates legal judgment for those governmental and non governmental contractors whose jeopardizes affirmative action. Legally, they also stand to loose subsequent contracts (Ethnic Majority, 2010).

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Ethnic Majority (2010) identified quota as the other remedy for racial disparity. In organizations where there is a huge discrimination along promotion and racial lines, measures are put in place to target promotion and recruitment of the minority. For example, an employer dictates that a given number of blacks are to be employed. This is also the case in the United States universities where a given number of chances are set a side for students from the Blacks', Hispanic and women minority groups.

Efforts should be put in place to ensure that these remedies are implemented. Affirmative actions have an advantage of preventing discrimination along racial, educational, gender and employment lines. The overall benefit is the improved socio-economic status for all in society since everybody will have equal opportunities of employment, education among other status defining factors. (The University of Kansas Medical Center, 2010)

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In conclusion, affirmative action is necessary to check the injustices against the minority groups in society. It is a means of enhancing diversity and remedy for discrimination in places of work, learning institutions and government contracting. Successful implementation of affirmative action involve the government and key players in employment and education sectors in terms of good governance and legislation and proper formulation of goals and programs.

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