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Be the Change

The way we see a problem greatly affects the overall outcome of it. By not seeing a problem as yours, one does not seek for a solution or waits for someone else to solve the problem. In my view, this is the greatest obstacle to people making the world a better place. In the face of globalization, it should be a wake up call to everyone to change their perspectives and look at things differently. We need to understand that the way we see things makes a great difference. I believe in the saying that says you should be the change you want t see in the world.

This quotation by Mahatma Gandhi should be used as a world changer. It should be used to connect to personal performance of our daily activities. It is very simple, one needs to take on the beliefs, thoughts, feelings , habits and actions of the individual you want t to be, as well as the changes you want t to see in your life and the world in general.

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It is very sad to note that there are people in this world that die of starvation, while others throw away food as waste. The fact that we live in the same world makes it even worse, why should people die of hunger in the first place? I believe that this is an issue that can be dealt with permanently once and for all. Those with extra food should take the initiative and feed the poor. If it is not their duty, whose is it then? God said that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. These poor people are our neighbors.

In our quest to impact changes in the world, we should not that history proves that significant change happened as a result of an individual's effort. It all starts with one person deciding to be a change maker, and touch people's life to the point that history can be made. This is what individuals like Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein put into use. What one needs is the knowledge that everyone has the potential and purpose in the world to make a change; it all starts from determination.

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