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Dangers of Car Phones

Using a cell phone while driving can be very hazardous both to the driver and other motorists. Use of car phone by drivers distracts them and reduces their reaction time when needed in urgency (Qureshi 2010). Holding a steering wheel with one hand does not provide full control of a car (Qureshi 2010). The result is the occurrence of an accident. Some of the dangers that are associated with using a car phone include:

Science has proven that phones emit electromagnetic waves that are dangerous to humans (Neill 2010). The electromagnetic wave reduces the reaction time of a person, disturbs coordination and affects the activities of the brain. The cell phone interferes with other electronic devices and can cause a spark when used nearby a gas station that has fuel (Qureshi 2010).

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It is not possible to perform two tasks at the same time. Answering or making a call distracts the driver and focus needed in drivers is lost. This makes one to lose his/her consciousness and that of the environment thus breaking traffic rules (Qureshi 2010). This implies that an accident will be caused. The University of Utah conducted a study in 2003 on the use of cell phones while driving and concluded that the use of cell phones causes what is referred to us "inattention blindness." (Nefe 1999). In this case, the driver's eyes are focused on the road but the actual driving conditions on the road cannot be digested by the brain. Studies show that reaction time was greatly hampered when one was talking on his/her cell phone while driving. The study shows that the reaction time of people who were talking on phones was slower by 30% as compared to drunkards and approximately 50% when under no influence of anything. The likelihood of causing an accident while using a car phone was high as compared to when one is drunk

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To avoid the use of cell phones, some people opt to install speaker systems. The speakers are not themselves safe because they enhance the electromagnetic fields which affect the brain and also the speakers themselves. Studies have shown that there is no big difference in using a hand held phone and a hands free phone (Qureshi 2010). In either case, there is a distraction to the driver. Thus installation of speakers or plugging in devices to the phone does not help to reduce distraction incidents.

Since electromagnetic waves are more dangerous in an enclosed area than in an open air condition, using the cell phone in a car becomes more dangerous. This is more dangerous in cars because the dangers of car phones skulls of children are not fully developed and are therefore susceptible to electromagnetic rays (Qureshi 2010).

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It is dangerous to use a cell phone while driving. Teens are vulnerable to dangerous driving and therefore a good example should be set for them. A cell phone should not be used until a car is safely parked. Calls should not be made during driving but during emergencies; when making calls during emergencies, the car should first be parked safely. The required attention needed for driving should be observed and should not be affected by the call one received before driving. It is also advisable to make calls before one starts driving or at the end of a journey. Observing good driving practices help to avoid accidents (Qureshi 2010). The National Safety Council study shows that there are is no clear difference between a hand held cell phone and a hands free phone; distraction is the culprit and not the type of phone.

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