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Quality and Culture

The score that I received was exactly to what I expected. I answered 17 correctly and 5 incorrectly. My incorrect responses were due to limited knowledge of diverse cultures and the fact that most of visits that have made before are confined within Kenya. Therefore I have not been able to interact widely with people from other countries and learn their culture.

To enhance and maintain cultural competence will have to empower myself and other people participate actively and get involved in various activities and strategies. Firstly, come up, coordinate and facilitate multilingual client council, advisory groups, policies and practices. Distribute programs that meet the needs of particular clients that are culturally acceptable and also carrying out surveys to family members. It is also important to engage in publishing of various booklets in different languages after carrying out appropriate research. This will go hand in hand, by mobilizing the community to get actively involved in development and distribution of community resources including health care, elder care, prenatal care, mental health and community advocacy organizations.

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Putting together people's practices and corresponding health beliefs within the range of their care is another important issue to put in consideration. This would call for program development, planning, policies and procedures that will respect and honor people's holistic and harmonizing health and medicinal beliefs and involvement in constant training activities to acquire knowledge and understanding of various cultural practices. It will work in collaborative with movement oriented groups, music groups and arts therapy. To increase various communities' involvement will obtain donated tickets to various performing arts, cultural and sporting events to be used even by their families (Spector, 2009).

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Enhancing the accessibility of culturally competent and community based services will be another tool for maintaining cultural competence. The centre of attention will be treating people within the confined community setting for example outpatient, residential care, vocational training program, schools, and community centers and investing in childhood intercession and prevention strategies. For instance, consultation programs for pre-scholars and community building strategies. To add on this will influence services to be strategic for accessibility by offering services in more than 75 different places such as schools, childcare centers, youth centers, resource and community centers for refugees and other social service agencies. Evening clinic hours would also be ensured and all round approaches to assessment and treatment especially to refugees and immigrants to respect cultural beliefs of different people (Spector, 2009).

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Another aspect is leadership in the training and development of culturally competent mental health professionals. First of all the potential youth in the community will be influenced for valuable clinical training for both undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of psychology, social work, counseling, nursing, medicine, psychiatry, and other mental health disciplines. This training integrates methods or approaches that insist contemporary approaches to working with different individuals with severe mental illness and consequently provide culturally competent services (Spector, 2009).

Raising awareness and reduction of the stigma of mental health in the community is another useful tool for maintenance of cultural competency through promotion of detection early intervention and prevention of mental health disorders. It will demand serving as a multi-lingual resource for the community and outreach about mental health conditions and services (Spector, 2009).

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Furthermore, it is also necessary to actively advocate local and national meetings to determine community needs and implement culturally relevant procedures; facilitate workshops for professional healthcare community about providing cultural competence services. Develop and implement the Summer Bridge Program course for young people aged 16-20 aimed to promote awareness of psychological well-being and enhance interest in helping professions such as social-workers and therapists.

Finally, it is also essential to carry out culturally competent treatment in client's primary and chosen language. A large percentage of clients prefer non- English language for treatment services. At this level the programs already developed would ensure maintenance of policies and procedures to recruit, retain and promote staff and leadership that provide the multi-cultural and multi-lingual diversity of the community (Spector, 2009).

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