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Business Etiquette Course

In the recent past, I have noticed with much concern the decline in use of proper business etiquette among the students in this college. Business etiquette as a discipline is essential in today's business world, and this informed me to write to you asking for your push to see the introduction of a business etiquette course. The position you occupy as the Dean is not only influential but also the only channel we as students can voice our wishes. All college graduates regardless of the courses they pursue should acquaint themselves with business etiquette since business dictates all spheres in the world today (Baldrige 302).

Common courtesy rules such as using the words excuse me, please and thank you allow children to excel socially (Elaine 56). Similarly, business etiquette sees to it that those equipped with it succeeds in any work environment. There are, however, other additional formalities that ought to be cultivated professionally in order to guide behavior in working with superiors and handling customers.

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Mr. Dean, business etiquette will see to it that college candidates are made aware of the importance of dressing appropriately for an environment. In a formal setting, a certain culture whereby one must dress in a tire and jacket maintains. On the other hand, other settings dictate that workers dress in jeans and T shirts. If one dresses officially in such cases, it will appear awkward (Tuckerman 43).

In addition, college graduates will learn how to communicate well in different situations. In spoken and written language, the students will avoid using profane language, which is not, only offensive but also against corporate policies. Inappropriate use of language might create a hostile work environment.

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Moreover, business etiquette will make college graduate shun from the use of gossip and communication of confidential or private information, which may be, harmful to both colleagues and customers. It sets a certain decorum which by candidates observes throughout their lives (Dorothea 122).

Salutations, greetings and use of small letters in communications via email are taught in business etiquette. It may seem an uphill task to you as a Dean because in your capacity, you have other myriad problems to attend to, but I ask humbly of you to prioritize this plea. This is because as I have elaborated above, this course is vital to college candidates. Thank you in advance for the prompt attention that you have given to this.

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