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Persuasive or argumentative experiences utilizes both the logia well as reasoning in an attempt to showing that a is more legitimate as compared to another idea thus encouraging an individual to adopting certain points of view or even taking certain actions. Thus agreements are found everywhere in daily life and therefore forma part and parcel of our daily lives asking one to valuing one thing over another, doing something at the expense of another, believing or believing in some situations and finally choosing to follow set rules or to ignore them.

Some of the augments I faced to day include the following: choosing to ride a bicycle to work instead of taking a bus, deciding to quit smoking, opting to doing my assignments instead of watching a movie and finally argument I experienced today was choosing to buy a documentary movie instead of a science fiction movie (Stevensen, 1938). As I walked don the street a movie seller persuaded and convinced me that buying a documentary movie was more beneficial to y academic as compared to watching a fictional movie and I chose to buy it because it will boost my studies.

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Reading of chapter four on persuasive writing as affected by way of thinking especially on the way arguments are supposed to be developed. I have gained knowledge that arguments are not supposed to result a winner or a loser scenario but rather an attempt to persuade other to accepting thing in us or making them to change some things in them thus making both parties gain deeper understanding of each other. Inn addition to that reading chapter four has made me appreciate the fact that persuasive arguments target at earning trust of another person things the use of basic appealing values that appeals to emotions through use of repetition, parallelism as well as charged word which can have strong positive or negative connotations (Honderich, 1995).

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Fallacies are defects that serve to weaken arguments and one of the fallacy is hast generalization which involve making of assumptions regarding a whole group or even range of cases based on an inadequate sample e.g. the stereotyping of people for instance 'wealth people are snobs'

Another type of logical fallacy is missing the point where the premise of an argument supports a conclusion which the arguer doe not actually draw for example seriousness of a crime should match the punishment given and therefore drunk driving is a very serious crime that causes death of innocent people. Therefore death penalty should be use to punish drunk driving.

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