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Jackie Robinson is a character that has played a major role in transforming civilization, by championing for equal rights amongst people from different spheres. These include the minorities and the blacks. This article is meant to show that certain beliefs and ideas should not be used as a way of evaluating a person's ability to do certain things. These include race of a person, body physique or mental prejudice (Simon, 2002). On the contrary, people should determine a person's ability to do something based on his willingness and the results of his action

This article attempts to explain that a person can come out of difficult situation to become the role model in the society in certain aspects of life. For instance, Jackie Robinson was an inspiration to the black Americans who initially believed that only the whites could do well in certain games such as basketball, baseball and track. As a proof that this belief should be eradicated, the boy came from difficult childhood upbringing to become the first African American to participate in a major league sort and come out successfully.

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Consequently, the article also encourages that one should not be distracted by people's opinions about them. Rather, they should continue to pursue their dreams to the maximum. For instance, Jackie Robinson was disliked when he was drafted to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The fans did not like him and also some players hated him. He did not put these dislikes into consideration and focused on his goal of winning the competitions. He finished successfully and people and fans started liking him. This inspired the black Americans to participate in the major games and even perform better.

This article also tries to inform us that we should not be discouraged by the situations in life if we want to achieve our goals in life. An example of a person who overcomes the challenges in life to achieve his goals was Jackie Robinson. He was born to a single mother after his father's departure. He faced difficulties in upbringing and school life. He lost his athletic brother who was his inspiration in sports through accident. This did not discourage him as he became an inspirational athlete for the Black Americans.

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In addition, we get to know that a person should question certain beliefs in life. For instance, Guy Montag was employed as the fireman to burn illegal books. He discovered that these books were inspiration to people to stand up for their rights. He decided to steal some of the books and hid them under his pillow (Dorison, 1999). This resulted in his boss setting his house a blaze and wanting to kill him. He did not relent in his effort to pursue freedom of expression and even collaborated with like-minded people like professor Faber to ensure this right is not given up.

Furthermore, we should not have the belief that blacks are intellectually inferior to the whites when it comes to sports. For instance, Campanis claimed that the reason for minority of blacks in managerial positions in baseball was that they did not have some of the necessities to be field managers or general managers. He also claimed that blacks did not perform well in swimming because they have low buoyancy.

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There are evidences which have shown that these assumptions are mere lack of information because according to 1998 survey, black players constitute 77% of NBA players in United States, 64% of the WNBA, 65% of the NFL and 15% of MLB (Dorison, 1999). Consequently, the differences in performance in sports should be based certain differences such as genetics and physiology caused by environmental and cultural factors.

In conclusion, civilization embraces the realization of all aspect of life irrespective of gender, race, cultural background, sports and religious aspect. This is categorically displayed by the acts and championing of Jackie Robinson.

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