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Binge Drinking and College Students

In the northern district of Alabama, there are various colleges with students who are engaged in binge drinking. Binge drinking is the excessive consumption of alcohol which results in alcoholism. This is to say that their alcohol concentration in the blood rises to a percentage of 0.08 grams and above (Donna 15). In our constituency, binge drinking among teenagers and college students has become a common problem that needs to be addressed urgently. Binge drinking among the college students is dangerous health wise and a strong contributor to poor performance due to its effect on concentration and alertness (Scott and John 1). Therefore, I stand to oppose binge drinking among the college students.

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Everybody seated in this hall should understand that alcoholic drinks pose big problems over health and the safety of everyone. It is clear to most of you here that binge drinking has lead to most of accidents and social crimes due to its intoxication or committing crimes while "under influence" (Scott & John 2). Therefore, this gives me a good reason to vote affirmatively for the proposal before the house. This is for the sake of engaging in necessary action that would be necessary to address the pressing issue at hand. Imagine that most of the students feel that they should be involved in binge drinking because their college mates are involved without knowing the dangers.

Others clearly understand the dangers, but take it just because everybody is involved in binge drinking. Peer group influence has negatively affected the decision of students in this constituency. On the same note, they get exposed to parties that present them with alcoholic drinks that they share and enjoy with their peers (Donna 57). Therefore, by voting affirmative for this proposal, discussion will be done to see the way forward and find the necessary actions that should be taken to help each and every student in this constituency to understand the effect of binge drinking and reasons why they should avoid it.

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In most cases, majority of the College students are in their youthful stage, and this makes them curious that they want to know what it feels like to have alcohol drinks. They also think that alcohol will give them a good feeling, reduce their stress, and pressing problems like lack of finances (Donna 59). On the other side, most of the people believe that all student in the college drink alcohol so whenever new students get there they want to take alcohol so that they may fit in the category (Donna 65). All students should understand false representations of binge drinking.

This representation encourages students to drinking because they think their colleagues are involved and want to be like them (George 1). They should be helped to understand that not everything done is right or worth imitation. If every college student gets involved in binge drinking, the nation of America will loose out on talent, innocent lives and future families. Loss of college students to the resulting alcohol addiction implies that there will be a big gap in the work place and in the social arena. Alabama, America needs young people full of integrity, sound mind, talent and responsibility to stand and take the baton of leadership.

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Most of the student representatives claimed that the environment within their colleges encouraged binge drinking. Such climates have led to excessive consumption of alcohol, which in turn, causes irresponsible behaviors of students within the colleges and their surroundings (Blakesley and Hoogeveen 203). Binge drinking also has caused fighting among students, which caused the death of a student after he was left dying of a head injury. Others died due to heavy consumption of the same (George 2). Additionally, it is estimated that over fourteen hundred students over the age of eighteen and below twenty four years die annually due to alcohol consumption (Wechsler & Wuethrich 4).

This means that we keep losing a bright generation due to binge drinking. Students become unruly and care less about their lives and safety. I believe this is the reason that leads to riots of the students. Students become unrealistic in whatever they do and rush into conclusion and improper actions. On the same note, we need citizens who can produce good results once they get to various field of work. This will not be the case if the problem of binge drinking is not addressed. This is because overindulging in alcohol tends to make people to be over-dependent, which means they will not be able to perform without taking it. Additionally, they may feel over excited that they tend to neglect they work or do the same in a shoddy way. That is why I believe that binge drinking should be discouraged among the students since this is the molding stage.

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In conclusion, I wish every student to understand that it is important to avoid binge drinking. They should also help in the campaign against binge drinking, help those involved in understanding all the dangers and risks. All students should recognize that they should avoid alcohol drinking despite all the reasons that they may have to be involved in it. They should also eliminate anything that triggers binge drinking such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Such "pre-drinking motivators" should be dealt with to avoid triggering the desire to drink (Donna 129). Additionally, people should always control how they think and eventually they will be able to control their drinking without any problems or complications (Donna 161). Every intended action begins in the mind.

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