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We are living in a world that is pound by certain happenings and situations. These are some of the things that have to be fulfilled in order for life to continue at any time. The story of too many bananas, not enough pineapples and no water melon at all is one of the story books that play a critical role in defining the real meaning of life. The author has mentioned that there are three object lessons that can be learnt in living with reciprocity. This is an aspect normal response to the behaviours portrayed by others in the society.

The first lesson is that there is no possibility for an individual to buy food using money in a society where food is shared and gifted as part of the social life. This touches on the norm of reciprocity, and the too many bananas in the society. Sharing is an aspect that touches on the self courtesy of an individual and the entire members of the society. In such a field, money does not have enough value as the value that people have upon one another to an extent of presenting gifts or sharing what they have. A gift can therefore never be sold no matter the amount.

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The second lesson is that one should never refuse a gift and should also never fail to return a gift. Moreover, if an individual is not able to use a gift, he should give it to someone else since there is nothing as too much. Therefore, there is nothing as too much bananas and that the pineapples are therefore not enough. What one has can be given to another who does not have, therefore if someone is not in need of something or a gift, he or she should give it out to someone else.

The third lesson is that in a society where there is an embrace of reciprocity, and that gifts are idioms, one can never demand a gift. This also is with respect to the fact that one can never refuse a request. This epitomises on the fact that there is no water melon at all. People give one another gifts and they also receive them. This indicates that it is very rare for another individual to have a purchase of the very gift.

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In my own society, there is an act of reciprocity. This is at the level of the neighbourhood. Individuals are able to share what is common and in demand in our neighbourhood. Moreover, it is a common thing to find many individuals in the neighbourhood sharing gifts and other properties at various seasons of the year. This is a clear indication that they are not in a position for one to buy that gift from the same neighbourhood. These activities are therefore being practised within the family and the neighbourhood. At some instance, this rule has been broken when there was a situation where one member paid for a gift that it had been awarded to another member of the family.

In the article of eating Christmas in the Kalahari, the authors plan for rewarding his hosts for putting up with a pushy anthropologist for a whole year was to show how tough it is for an anthropologic to come out of the beliefs that he or she has as concerns life. Moreover, it was to show how personal interpretations can interfere with other people. The Kung demonstrated hurt at the award of the gift. This is because of the innate feeling of Christmas that people should be humbled at their giving. The cultural misunderstanding between the giver and Lee was actually the main cause of the problem.

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According to the rule of reciprocity, Christmas is a period to demonstrate love for one another. The aspect of egalitarianism maintains that all people are equal and therefore they should be treated with same accord. This is like during the period of Christmas where every body is given a gift no matter the effects of religion or any other parameters of diversion in human life. As concerns the issue of food, they should be distributed in such a manner to portray no like and dislike for individuals due to the various diversities.

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