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The Rights of Animals

Humanly speaking the rights of animals should be regarded important as those of human beings. Animals should be treated in humane way while there are still living. As a matter of fact the authority should enact laws that are meant to abolish animal cruelty of any kind. Animal cruelty include commercially really animals in firms, beating animals, using animals in farms to plough land, killing animals for the food and using animals to carry out research.

According to Regan in her journal, "the fate of animals is in our hands; God grant we are equal in the task" asserts that animal cruelty springs from the notion the human beings have about the animals. According to Regan, taking animals as if are a resource is the fundamental wrong that propagates animals' cruelty. As it is widely know, the country or a given community uses it resources endowment to create wealth. The resources therefore should be exploited in order for the country to create wealth. The governments come up with the sophisticated equipment that assists the country to exploit the resources that are available in the country. Therefore viewing animals like any other resources endowed to the country is wrong since the society would use all means available to them to exploit the animals and hence propagating cruelty towards the animals.

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Regan asserts that there are those who profess to be upholding the rights of animals but in real sense they partake in propagating cruelty towards them. Factory farming, for instance they condemn it since in their opinion it subject animals to bad conditions thus propagating cruelty among the animals. This same people favor the use of animals in traditional farming. In traditional farming animals are used to plough land during planting seasons. In my view this also amounts to torture which should be abolished in entirety.

Those who professes to be fighting for the rights of animals yet they favor use of animals in traditional farming are practicing double standards since using of animals in traditional farming is violating animal rights. There are also the proponents of the animals right who believe that use of animals in medical research for instance in search of cure for terminal illnesses such as cancer is proper but considers it wrong for the researchers using animals to carry out research on the toxicity in the beauty products. All forms of research that uses animals as specimens should be abolished as they infringe animals like.

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The condemnation of use of animals in carrying out research is also fiercely condemned by the Cohen. According to Cohen, research carried out on animals should be abolished on two grounds; it violates the animals' rights and secondly it subjects the animals to suffering in the process of scientific research. The scientific research may not be aware of the existence of animals' rights or they may be violating the animals' right knowingly. The violation of animals' rights in carrying out research is taken as a necessary evil since the researcher are looking for ways of alleviating human suffering through the findings of the research they carry out. It does not warrant for the scientific researchers to subject animals to suffering to alleviate human suffering. The scientists should come with other methods of finding the information they want instead to subjecting animals to unnecessary suffering.

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Regan supposes that all forms of using animals in commercial farming should be abolished. Commercial farming is one of the ways that violates human rights. The veal calves, for instance are confined in a place for long period of time before they are killed for food. The confinement of those calves in itself is abusing animal right. Animals should be given freedom to move from place to place. The advocates of commercial farming are adopting a "more humane" way of rearing the calves for food. The "humanly" way of treating animal in commercial farming is meant to endear those who infringe the animals' rights but killing animals for foods with the advocates of animal rights.

According to my view, the fundamental animal rights as it is in human beings should be the right to live. Any other animals' right should be supporting that assertion that animals should given the chance to live. Therefore the killing of animals for food should be eliminated in entirety. The government and other agencies that are mandated to ensure compliance with animals' rights should advocate for abolishing of commercialization of animal keeping especially those that are meant to be killed for food.

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Cohen reneges from his earlier argument about protecting the right of animals when he asserts that animals have no rights as those possessed by human beings. Cohen argues that for a right to be respected there should be a person who claims that right. To illustrate his assertion, he gives an example of a bank loan where he says that the bank has the right to claim for the loan extended to the client since there was an outright agreement that a long would be repaid at a later date. According to Cohen, there is no animal that has claimed its right. This assertion is wrong as it is widely known that the animals have feeling similar to those of human beings. The animals for instance have feelings such as emotions; the elephants are known to mourn their death. These facts make it appropriate for the human beings to uphold the rights of animals.

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