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Thinking and Acting Differently

Thinking and acting differently is a personal decision that we all have to make since there is no guarantee to succeed by reading inspirational books or listening to motivational speakers. A difference takes place through the actions and decisions that we make thus determining the road that we eventually take. Observation shows that many people that have been successful have had to make difficult decisions and act differently from everyone else. It is also very important for individuals to be careful about the different behaviors that we decide to take up, our way of thinking, although unorthodox, should bring positive change and benefits to society. Many men and women in our society today have been brave enough to be different and have eventually brought success and invaluable benefits to society.

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The majority of people are accustomed to what they consider normal because they refuse to think out of the box. Thinking differently opens up avenues for varied developments and immense growth. Bill Gates who is one of the wealthiest men globally chooses to act differently in his business approach that many even considered anti -competitive. Despite on lookers' views he still carried on with his ideas that up to today have been of great importance in technological advancements all over the world. People who think differently also provide opportunities for those who do not in the society. For example, entrepreneurs who decide to take the risk to start up businesses that offer employment opportunities. In addition, Bill Gates through his philanthropist approach has assisted very many needy people across the globe through the provision of basic needs and funds for medical research. The foundation he started with his wife Belinda has helped the people by providing vaccines such as the malaria vaccine. Malaria is one of the top diseases that have ended the lives of many people especially in the tropical regions.

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Investors such Warren Buffet, had a different way of business approach; he says that when people run away from a business because it is collapsing, he does not shy away but he goes ahead and invest it. This approach has given a new lease of life to businesses, which would otherwise have collapsed. The businesses in turn offer a lot of job opportunities and career development for many citizens who would instead be jobless. In addition, Buffet through his business has offered a lot of aid to the developing countries and many needy people.

Cooper (2005) offers another good example of people who have gone the opposite way like Russell Simmons. He promoted hip-hop despite the fact that it was associated with not so good things such as hip-hop is for those who commit criminal acts. Simmons had a belief in the ability of music uniting people and uplifting their consciousness but people believed that hip-hop was a bad influence to the society. He saw hip-hop as the poem from the streets. Through this, Simmons helped to highlight the struggles in the lives that the rappers lived. As many refer him as the father of hip-hop, this indeed this is true since hip-hop has grown and helped the lives of many. If he had to follow the way people thought, we would not know what level hip-hop would be at this day and age.

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People that have a unique way of thinking have also improved our day-to-day life by coming up with invaluable inventions and information. For example, scientists like Isaac Newton who through his three laws of motion has helped many industries such as the car manufacturing industry. These laws of motion have helped to save the lives of many. This is by making the cars safer through understanding the forces involved during a car crash. The manufactures use laws such as the linear conservation of momentum to minimize the damage caused by accidents. Scientists have even come up with cures for diseases, methods of environmental conservation, current and future weather patterns, and many more other things that are beneficial to the society (Keller, 2007).

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Unique thinkers also offer the society effective communication and even socializing avenues. For instance, Mark Zukerberg a young man who began programming at a tender age, eventually came up with a social network called Face Book that functions as a social network all over the world today. If he were to follow, the conventional way of life, that involves completing his studies first and then to start developing hi career, he would not have come up with this network. Face Book has helped many people in the society by providing a quick and reliable way of communicating with friends and family all over the world. Furthermore, many have had a chance to meet with long lost friends; this would not have been possible if it were not for Face Book (Cooper, 2005).

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In the fashion industry, Charles Fredrick Worth has proved to be another person who thought differently. In this effect, major fashion statements such as haute couture were established. Haute couture is a French word that means high dressmaking with intense needlework. The outfits that use haute couture required high levels of attention, expensive material, and took a lot of time to complete. This exclusive art gave rise to fashion houses that currently offer expensive and unique designs of clothes to the society. The designs applied in haute couture are the ones setting the pace in the fashion industry today. If it were not for the founders of haute couture who chose to be unique, the fashion industry would not have grown this much. In deed thinking differently is the way to follow for the improvement of the lives of many (Mickley, 2010).

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In conclusion, it is critical to think and act in a unique manner. Any individual striving to succeed should think and act in a unique manner. This would benefit an individual and society with positive change. The examples offered above are a testimony to the fact that is very important to strive to think out of the box. However, it is also critical to ensure that we strike a balance so that our unorthodox behaviors do not cause us to be shunned but instead bear positive results to the society. In view of this light, the society as a whole should ensure that they encourage individuals to think and act differently without condemning nonconformist to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

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