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The Last Vet

First, humans need to recognize the fact that dogs play an important role in the present society setting. This implies that certain actions targeted at eliminating the dogs, for example, culling needs to be justified in its proper context. Aminatta refers to a similar incident in which the Freetown Municipal Council intended to initiate a culling process of stray street dogs (2). Dr. Jalloh solely attempt to represent the dogs' interest by stating that they were the community's property; they upheld security by protecting community members; and they cleaned the streets off neglected rubbish (2). These statements show that humans sometimes tend to overlook the importance of the social function played by dogs. In essence, they need to recognize that dogs are an integral part of the community.

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Secondly, humans need to acknowledge the dependency they have created among the domesticated dogs. From an evolution perspective, dogs belonged to a wild habitat, but it is man who welcomed the dog and domesticated. As Aminatta puts it "Having brought the jackal into his sphere, having bred the wildness from him - man owes dog" (2). Hence, it means that the relationship between man and dog should not be taken to be mutual because man is more obligated to ensure that the dog gets its needs.

Lastly, the act of owning a dog should be active and not passive such that the owner fulfills only certain functions. Most dog owners fail to realize that the gap between a tamed animal and a wild one is slim. Hence, when the animal begins to demonstrate wild characteristics then the owner should do something about it. Aminatta narrates of an incident she goes with her friends Teddy, Zainab, and Nabsieu to wash some dogs, but the dogs won't let any human to touch them because they have lost the trust they initially had in humans (3). Therefore, it is important that humans make some effort in relating well with their dogs and not act on the assumption that the dogs are supposed to understand. The answer is simple: They are not humans.

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