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Electric Fire


There has been a general negligence by most human beings about things that more often matter in determining major incidents that occur in human life. There are usually major activities that human beings do in life expecting them to be reflected by a similar outcome while others are done with all the greatness but for minor purposes in serving human life. There are many incidences in human life that are preventable but they usually occur as a surprise to human beings due to negligence. Some activities that would cost many human beings their property, health and in worst cases cost them their lives are as a result of lack of attention to details and lack of the least knowledge or expertise in dealing with them. However, their impacts are felt so much so that many human beings have started noting the importance of this and consequently responding to them accordingly. A case in point is an electric fire that has been analyzed here.

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It is hard to believe that such a huge loss was as a result of virtually preventable causes which were not given the attention they needed. The electric fire is mainly associated with a faulty multimeter and lack of necessary training for the electrician at the store. One of the suspected causes for the electric fire is that the multimeter could not detect the extent of the high voltage which eventually led to the loss of one human life. If the gadget was not up to the standard for measuring such high voltage connections and so it followed that the electrician could not realize the danger as yet until when the fire ball burst. Before the electrician could have escaped he was already burnt and the effect spread to others near the area. If the meter was up to standard it would have been easy to establish if the fire was beyond control and so the electrician and the onlookers as they trusted that the meter would identify the cause and so they would not be hurt. Buying a standardized meter would have been more expensive than for the faulty one but the loss suffered after the fire broke caused more loss than buying the appropriate meter would have cost. 

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The other major problem was lack of proper training for the electrician. Although the electrician was much experienced in dealing with such incidences, it is the little deficiency in knowledge that cost some of the loss. The electrician could not identify that the meter was not up to standard and so he trusted the gadget only for it to be proven faulty. The cost of getting the appropriate meter is definitely more than the cost of the shallow training that the electrician had undergone. However, it is the little knowledge about assessing and determination of appropriateness of the electric devices that made him trust a faulty meter and consequently the loss occurred. If the electrician had the appropriate training then it would have been safer for him and for the mall because they would have determined a viable course even if it meant switching off the electricity for the entire mall.

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It is also due to lack of proper training that the management at the mall could not understand that most of the electric devices are not capable of remaining faultless forever. It is for this reason that it was difficult to point with accuracy the most probable cause of the smoke and everyone could only keep guessing. If there was a continuous check up for any faults throughout the system it would have been easy to identify with precision where the problem was. This should act as an eye opener that all systems need to be checked regularly if such damages ware to be avoided in future.

There is also the need to have a better legal system so that there can be proper supervision and an assurance that all the safety measures are maintained in the work places. Although it is expensive to recruit enough government officers to inspect and ensure safety is maintained in all work places, it is only with proper supervision and assessment that such loses as the one that occurred at the store can be avoided. The system even went ahead and victimized the wrong people just for financial gains from the insurance but if proper supervision was there then the victimized would have been safe and the root cause of the problem identified. However, this could not be achieved as there was limited supervision. It is important that the government employs enough supervision so as to prevent wrong victimization which has a social cost that is invaluable in monetary terms.

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As human beings continue evolving, there is need to drop some aspects of life that have cost many people a great deal whereas they could be avoided. There is the need to ensure that all that seems like the cheap and affordable is well label to avoid using faulty and below standard items which may end up causing huge losses as was experienced in this case. There is always a hidden cost of using cheap devices for the wrong reasons. If possible, the standardization for every item or service should be the key consideration before the item is used or the service is agreed as reliable.

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