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Good versus Evil

Good and evil are two aspects of life that always go hand in hand. In life, almost every issue has its positive and negative side. In my situation, I learned that evil and good coexist through the death of Murray and the birth of his son who took place at the same time. The first time I confirmed that life is two sided was when I was working as a member of the operation desert storm, in the 1/41st infantry division. This is the operation that we organized in the invasion of the west Kuwait in Iraq. Participating in the team was a thrilling experience because it was a like a dream come-true. Throughout the planning process of the whole operation, our efforts were rewarded when we finally managed to take the Iraq forces by a great surprise. Although it was an achievement for us within the initial stages of the mission, we did not anticipate that there would be many disasters awaiting us at the other end.

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With a lot of jubilation, we went on with the mission confident that we were going to conquer the Iraq militants. Unfortunately, on the same night, we faced the first shock in that the Iraq officials separated them. This happened when a battle ensued between our men and the enemies. In this case, the delta 23 and 26 were separated 18 hours prior to the operation. As a result, our efforts seemed to be paralyzed with some of our members out of sight. This was then a clear indication that everything that runs smoothly does not always end well. Throughout the period, we carried on with the operation with the aim of regaining our losses. According to the instructions given by the authorities before we embarked on the operation, we were to capture the enemies and make them the Prisoners of War (POW). After the battle night, we met them and went on to tie them up as per the orders. Nevertheless, what happened was unusual as we were stepping out of the armored vehicles. In a deadly battle that ensued, my driver was instantly killed while the other one was short on his leg. This was a tremendous blow to the group as the experience was paralyzing.

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As a reviewed the details of the battle later, I realized with a lot of relief that evil and good happen concurrently . For instance, the war that I experienced in Iraq taught me a lot about life. That is the evil thing that we had planned against our enemies; the Iraq forces, was beneficial some ways. To my surprise, my eyes were opened, I learned that good also exists; though, at times, it is hidden in evil deeds . Although Spc. Murray’s life was lost, something good happened. We later learned that his wife in Texas was expecting a baby before the death of the husband. On that fateful morning of Murray’s death, the wife delivered a baby boy.

In this case, the family was torn between mourning Murray’s death and celebrating the birth of his son. Such an incident made me realize that, despite the evil thing that had happened to my colleague, a blessing had replaced it. This was like a miracle as it made me wonder how such a thing could happen in life. It was then that many people who knew what was happening learned both evil and good exist in life . It was worth noting that bad situation we face in life is accompanied by a good one. Therefore, it is crucial to know that every life is full of evil and good; and that individuals ought to learn ways of coping of each situation.

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