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Positive and Negative Effect of Memory

Memory is defined as an organism’s aptitude to accumulate, keep, and remember information and experiences in one’s life. Three main stages are extremely crucial in the configuration and recovery of memory. These are encoding, storage and recalling of the stored information. Encoding is receiving of messages while storage is creating a permanent record of the received information. Feelings can have a great effect on memory. Several studies indicates that the bright autobiographical reminiscences be inclined to emotional events.

A positive example of when one’s memory has affected one’s ability to learn is when one remembers everything that he or she has learnt in school. For example when one learns several units in school. If one did some new calculations in mathematics, comes across new people, and remembers all of their names, learn some vocabularies in different languages, accomplishing what one is suppose to do every day, and at the end of it all he or she remembers. This shows that one has a positive effect in one’s memory on the ability to learn. One feels very fresh and eager to learn and then understands everything that he is taught.

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A negative example of one’s memory that affects the ability to learn is when one fails to recall anything that has been taught in school. It can also be further explained by the lack of recalling everything. This can happen when for example, one has a test, and he thinks that he has memorized everything, and he is ready for the test, but when he seats to do the test, he fails to recall anything. The memory can also affect one’s ability to learn in a negative way when one remembers what he has read for the test for a short time then after the test, he forgets everything. This shows that his memory has affected his ability to learn by failing to remember.

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