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Patterns of Relationship

This assignment would basically analyze and review the facts and findings that have been provided by the article in the website. The main objective of this assignment would be to compare the findings presented in the article with whatever information I already possess about the aspect of contraceptives in the United States. As I commence with the analyzing of the assignment my other goal would be to try and figure out astonishing findings or information that I had never known till then.

Prior to the information provided by the article, the assignment would try and establish the pros and challenges affecting the initiatives developed to campaign for funding contraceptive programs. After analyzing the information, major intentions would be to establish the efforts made by the Government to either support the initiative or act not concerned with matters affecting human sexuality.

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Human sexuality refers to a subject that involves the study of both the physical and biological nature of men and women in their immediate surrounding (Fisher, 1998). These aspects include among others: matters pertaining to communication/relationship patterns, sexual orientation, sexual health (the facet upon which of contraceptive-use is based) and sexual socialization. It would be pointless to study the aspect of contraceptives without noting that it arises out of intimate sexual relationships between men and women. The purpose of choosing to analyze this article is for the reason that researchers dealing with sexuality possess little or no control of their findings (Fisher, 1998). These entails ethic issues that face them in matters pertaining to participant privacy and the design of the study altogether.

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According to the article, the year 2011 has been a very difficult year for United States publicly funded family planning programs which has faced immense threats form policy makers who were, purportedly, trying to cover for budget deficits and thereby choosing to forfeit the need for family planning initiatives. In the U.S, Medicaid is the major organization that supports family planning services. Policy makers have been noted directing their threats to this institution and forcing it not only to cut its reimbursement but also lower drug costs and benefits altogether (Gold& Sonfield, 2011). I am disappointed to be enlightened that the House of the Representatives met in February this year in order to eliminate funding for the Title X program. This program has always been the only committed federal program in support of family planning. Its very strange to be informed that Montana state completely cut off its budget on family planning while New Hampshire and Texas went ahead to reduce family planning funding by 57% and 66% respectively.

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The article goes ahead and defends for the need of family planning: family planning has always thrived to counter major state precedence which was basically meant to reduce unintended pregnancies. According to the article more than half of U.S pregnancies are unintended in 29 states to be specific. The goal of federal governments has always been to reduce the rate of pregnancy by 10%, main objective being to protect families and mothers from health, social and economic consequences. The refusal to cut the funding for family has lead to many unintended pregnancies that have lead to delaying of prenatal care and a substantive reduction in child breast feeding which in turn has greatly contributed to negative outcomes of a child’s life. Unintended pregnancies have hindered not only women’s educational success but also their financial stability (Gold& Sonfield, 2011).

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The report indicates that poor women in the U.S are five more times to have unintended pregnancies than their rich counterparts. It’s very worth noting that Medicaid provides programs that cover for pregnant women with income of up to 185% of poverty and that it costs the federal Government nearly $11 billion yearly to provide Medicare for children born out of unintended pregnancies. In the United States, an American woman, nearly spends more than three decades trying to prevent pregnancy while spending only 5 years trying to get pregnant (Gold& Sonfield, 2011). This clearly depicts the need for preventing unwanted pregnancies with contraceptives. The major way that the Government could assist in preventing this unwanted occurrence and be able to save most of its revenue through provision of Medicare to unintended children is by, in fact, formulating a plan that subsidizes contraceptive counseling, services and products. As clearly indicated by the report, effective administration of contraceptive to nine million women in the U.S would aid in avoiding nearly two million pregnancies. Failing to administer the use of contraceptives, the cost of maintaining an acceptable level of unintended pregnancies by the federal Government would increase to a figure that is more than 60%, that is, $16 billion dollars yearly. Therefore, policy makers are advised to engage themselves in initiative campaigns that see it fit to encourage low-income women and couples to try hard and space their pregnancies.

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In order to save the situation at hand, the policy makers are supposed to advocate for additional investments in family planning programs rather than issuing threats that might hinder the economic development of not only women but also the entire nation as a whole. A point to note is that every public dollar spent on contraceptives saves the government$4 dollars through Medicaid costs in providing Medicare for unintended children. The additional investment would facilitate to increase the strength of Medicaid by cutting costs of vaccination, screening and delivery of the unintended child.

In its initial stages of introduction, contraceptives, as a mode of family planning method was considered a sin and was very much discouraged. However; in the recent American history, a law by the name “Comstock Law” was endorsed to assist in the control of both Pornography and birth control, a woman by the name Margret Sanger campaigned so hard for birth control revolution (Hyde& Delamater, 2008).

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Summing up, the need for additional investment would foresee the expounded access to contraceptives which in return would be a major contributor for States improving on their resident’s health needs and well being and also in pushing forward the financial stability of a health program on which 4 out 10 poor women that has reached the reproductive age solely relies on. In general, this article has been an effective and efficient source of information that has facilitated my understanding regarding the issue of family planning in the nation as a whole.

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