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Dell Inspiron Laptop

According to Hartline (6), Dell Computer Corporation is among the largest computer manufacturers in the world. It has experienced a tremendous growth from the time of its incorporation in the year 1984. Dell is using its Direct Model for fast and cost-efficient means of production as well as customer friendly means of distribution. Today, the computer market is ever changing, and therefore Dell is experiencing stiff competition as the other computer companies producing unique and new products in an attempt to defeat the transcendence of the Direct Model. This growth and development of laptop computers is a major field in which Dell can operate for every day success, in spite of the threats it is experiencing from the many competitors around the world. In the laptop computer market, the Dell laptops are available in a wide range of designs, features, colors and more. More specifically, the specifications for Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop will be considered in the discussion.

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Dell Inspiron 15R has received a refresh, and has moved to the Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 platform. The 15R has a smart reflective finish both inside and outside with attractive colors. It is usual that people like beautiful environment, such that when a laptop computer is attractive, the computer user feels motivated to operate it. The Inspiron 15R feels sturdy since it is built out of high quality plastic material, the corners are curved and the finish is perfect all over. A strong machine is always durable, and therefore a computer user will feel comfortable when working with a sturdy computer. This type of laptop has got four rubber feet on the chassis' base that make it not to slip off the surface where it is placed. While in use, the touch pad of a Dell Inspiron 15R is responsive, and the mouse buttons offer a tactile click which does not produce much sound. This laptop has got a good quality keyboard with a suitable key depth that encourages quick typing. The keyboard is extended such that it resembles the separate keyboards, with numerical keys to the far right, hence promoting quick input of numbers especially during mathematical calculations (Guffey, Loewy, p.45).

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A Dell Inspiron 15R has a very good and high quality screen that produces clear images with bright and striking colors. This laptop has got a built in web camera that allows the computer to act as videoconferencing stations or videophones since it feeds its pictures in real time into computer network usually through the Wi-Fi. In order for the videoconferencing to be accomplished, the laptop has got a built in microphone and speakers. This allows for effective online conversations which will be almost like face-to-face conversations since the sender of the message can be able to see the receiver and vice versa. But this type of communication is possible only when both parties have web cameras, microphones and speakers. Dell Inspiron 5R Core i3 and Core i5 come with powerful batteries that last for long after they have been fully charged. This quality of the batteries allows the computer users to save the programs already open as well as to finish working on the given tasks so as to meet the set deadlines. Also, Dell batteries are readily available from Dell computer dealers. Dell computers, especially Inspiron 5R Core i3 and Core i5 come with high-capacity hard disks up to 500 GB that can store substantial amount of data. A high-capacity hard disk allow for many programs to be installed within the same computer, such that it will be multitasking (Guffey, Loewy, p.67).

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The processing power of Dell Inspiron 15R is extremely high because of the Intel processor technology. The Intel Core i3 processors have got built in, Intel HT Technology and Intel Smart Cache. Intel HT Technology each core of the processor to carry out two tasks simultaneously and the Intel Smart Cache is allocated to all processor cores in a dynamic manner depending on the workload, which considerably keeps down latency and ensures improved performance. Dell Inspiron 15R can sustain the installation and functioning of Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit program that contains a variety of features intended for the Windows Media Center, touch-screen controls, and Windows Aero. For instance the Windows Aero is intended to be more powerful, more aesthetic, and a cleaner user interface that includes live thumbnails, eye candy, animations, translucency, and live icons. These motivate a computer user to work for long hour without getting bored. The Inspiron 15R comes with a memory of up to 4GB therefore increasing the retrieval speed since more RAM reduces the frequency at which the computer processor reads data from the hard drive. Dell Inspiron 15R Core i3 has a good speed of 2.40 GHz hence data can be processed very fast into useful information (Guffey, Loewy 7).

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In general, the Dell laptop computers are portable since they are light and are small in size even if they serve the same purpose as home desktop computers. The Dell laptops have got a great storage space in the hard disk such that one can save as many personal documents as possible, they possess extremely improved memory as the capacity of the RAM is large, their batteries have long life such that they keep the power for long after being charged, the laptops come with wide range of attractive colors thus a client can have an option about the color preferred, and they are sold with many years warrant so that incase of any problem concerning the functionality of the computer, they can be surrendered back to distributors and get rectified.

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