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Angels in America by Tony Kushner


Societal demonstration with performing art podium bears immense influence. There are number of societal flaws that demands to be addressed with indirect means. For that reason, there is nothing else like performing art platforms to instigate the extremely sensitive but very significant societal flaws, and the irregularities in the human behaviors.

Indeed, in the current contemporary era, there is number of examples available that refers to indirect edification of the people about sensitive and significant issues of society; these are quite helpful to raise awareness. Moreover, on the one hand, these performing art paradigms have also been established as most effectual indirect educational and awareness tools. On the other hand, the society can acquired good understanding about the sensitive issues and problems they have in their life endeavors.

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Hereinafter, undeniably, "Angles in America" by Tony Kushner has also been established as one of the good examples of effectual indirect awareness master piece. The topic is great, and the exposition is quite decent that actually contented the idea of effectualness. That is why; the play has also been adapted into movie demonstration. Both the theater play and movie story have same idea but holds different display places. The play is being discussed as under.

Angels in America by Tony Kushner:

"Angels in America" is actually a literal piece of work by the Tony Kushner based on the real happenings of American society in late eighties. It was time when people were involving in homosexuality quite largely, and demanding their rights as homosexual. It was start of critical AIDS dieses era due to critical relation between humans. At the same time, there were very arrogant behavior prevails from the have ones. Therefore, the play depicts the notions like abandon relationship, ruthless behavior, and arrogant appearance. There are several characters that have characterized the theme of the play. It was excellent play that is why; it is still quite popular in the masses in America.

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Summary of the Play:

An emotional association and taboo oriented gay relationship between the eight central characters has been presented in the play. The major characters presented in the play are Prior Walter central character of the play having AIDS with its gay activities, Louis Ironson boy friend of Prior Walter, Harper Pittwife of Joy Pitt, Roy Cohn a gay lawyer and etc. The central theme of the play exposes the relationship between each of the character. Each character reveals the facts about each other by the passage of time, like AIDS dieses due to ambiguous men to men Gay relationship and relationship abandons.

The cross conversation between the characters with the gravity of the theme has demonstrated the fact of society. Moreover, ultra vigilant environment of late eighties in America would impact very worst consequences on the society. It was the start of homosexual contact between the same sex individuals. Therefore, the play "Angels in America" has put greatly effort to discourage the societal behavior with an eminent disposition.

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Conversely, Cohn has been presented as a hypocrite character, he always prides on his political as well as social status. He has been pictured as power-hunger man with great arrogance. As he never think or cares about abandonment of relation and postured as ruthless person. For this Louis says at one pot in the play that "There are no gods here, no ghosts and spirits in America, there are no angels in America, no spiritual past, no racial past, there's only the political, and the decoys and the ploys to maneuver around the inescapable battle of politics."

However, at the end, the optimism prevails. Eventually, the play puts a realistic and at the same time very practical approach towards the constituents addressed in the play. At the end after angle visits Prior says, "This disease will be the end of many of us, but not nearly all, and the dead will be commemorated and will struggle on with the living, and we are not going away. We won't die secret deaths anymore. The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come."

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Hereinafter, as a whole, the play has been successful to achieve its set forth goals. It has addressed the critical issues in the society, and at the same time, the play has also been portrayed the issue on the canvas of performing art podium.

Adaptation of play into film:

The play "Angles in America" had also been adapted into film under the directorship of Mike Nichols in 2003 by HBO. The theme is same but Kushner had adapted the original tax for visual exposition. The play has been broadcasted in a series of chapters. HBO has broadcasted the film in various ways like two three hours chunks as well as six chapters of one hour. In 2006,Seattle Timeslisted the series amongst "Best of the filmed AIDS portrayals" on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of AIDS.

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As an overall view point, the common sense denotes that film medium is more effectual than theater. So, movie "Angles in America" has more largely watched by the people and the motion picture oriented visual exposition has quite effective influence than theater.

However, in fact, the play itself is a great piece of work that has enough to reflect the society and represent the sentiments. Therefore, in a collective thought, in every medium "Angles in America" can be same effective.

Differences between the play & the film:

The only difference between the play and the film is of medium. In theater the margin of profound acting would be very low. At the same time, the film medium provides a wide spectrum to an actor to expose the purpose effectually. However, in general, the play is quite successful in each performing art medium, and it is because of a quality and period reflective orientation. So, there is only exposition difference prevails between the play and the film. And it is very obvious due to technique.

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Literal Conflicts:

The literal conflicts presented in the play are abandon relationship, ruthless behavior, and arrogant appearances. These are the literal conflicts presented in the play, and these have been affected the play in general. However, the most literal and dominant conflict is abandoning the relationship. Every character has been shown in deep relationship, and then the relationship has been abandon by one another. For instance, like Louis abandoned his relationship with Prior due to Prior illness. This ruthless behavior would be the most literal conflict in the play.

Metaphoric Conflicts:

The metaphoric conflicts are presented about homosexuality and AIDS. The writer brilliantly exposed taboo subject in a quite open manner. The story's transitional hook holds a twisted impact on the audience. Therefore, very critical but real metaphoric conflicts are not only been identified in an effective manner but also induced quite proficiently into the society and the individuals.

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At the end of treatise, the social taboos and its dramatization can be determined very easily by reading the essay. After a critical evaluation of the play "Angles in America," it would not be wrong to say that the write Tony Kushner has happen to be hundred percent successful with great impact and influence for his effort in both of the medium i.e. theater and film. Firstly, the play has revealed the taboo of gay and AID quite robustly on theater, and then with HBO its adaptation has immensely extended the message. Hence, the script and the medium both are highly effectual to influence the society about the sensitive but most concerned issue.

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