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Contemporary Medias Representation

The movie is directed by Michael Bay, and directed by Jerry Brucheimer, Gale Ann, as well as Michael Bay. The movie revolves around the death of the dinosaurs by a comet strike. There is a first indication of the predicament when the meteor shower destroys the space shuttle Atlantis and spreads waste in NY NASA. It is noted that Dan Truman unearths the cause of this episode. He reveals that a rogue comet has collided with the asteroid belt and sent a number of asteroids towards Earth. The largest asteroid headed for Earth is the size of Texas-- a 'global killer (Jupiter scientific).

With only eighteen days remaining until Armageddon, several proposals are made on how disaster can be averted. The only viable solution calls for astronauts to land on the asteroid and place a nuclear device deep within the asteroid's core. Of course, America will lead the charge in saving the world Truman rounds up the only people on the planet with enough accumulated experience to execute the complicated drilling operation. Stamper has a rag-rag group of oil drillers thus helping in the installation of a bomb. This will aid in splitting the asteroid into two thus passing across the world safely.

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The love between Frost and Grace irritates Stamper since this man depends on him for a living. There are family affair issues since both Stamper and Chapple have failed marriages. Stamper raises Grace since the wife left him several years before. On the other hand, Charles is unable to watch his son grow in since the marriage failed. Mean time, the time for the big rock reaches when the rest of the work force engages in other activities (Jupiter Scientific).

The relationship between Grace and Frost outlines a rising action in the plot of the movie. Additionally, it creates conflict, man-to-man since Stamper gunshots Frost due to their love (Sneller, 2001).

High levels of expertise that Truman and Stamper exude portray how experienced they are. This man finds the reason for the unexpected crisis. Furthermore, he takes the action by leading the team to drill as well as installing a bomb to strike the asteroid. Stamper is a recognized oil driller. They set the plot in terms of place since they set bombs in isolated places, in train in the space and other dangerous places.

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The actions of Rockhound convey a social aspect of the plot. The social places like the strippers clubs is regarded immoral in the movie. The unstable marriage relationships between spouses are also not moral. This is outlined when Charles's son grows up in the company of a single parent (Kampf, 2010).

An ideology is a set of aims and ideas that direct ones goals and actions. The two characters employ several elements of writing like setting, plot, and conflict. Their determination grants them recognition as well as steering them to achieve high goals. Truman comes with ideologies about splitting the steroid into two. There are some flashbacks in their ideologies (Sneller, 2001).

The training of the astronauts to act on the impending disaster brings a sorrow setting of the movie. Many people fear such a dangerous course. Consequently, it forms a major section of the plot since it forms some of the climax of the movie.

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The looming danger portrays great ideologies these artistes have. The size of Texas is symbolic signifying the peril the human kind is yet to undergo. These people have a way of looking at things (Kampf, 2010).

Failure of the movie to attract emotional attention contributes to its limitation. Numerous characters coupled with numerous stories does not offer enough time to comprehend what is taking place. The amount of screen time that could be devoted to each character and their conflict was reduced to a bare minimum, which inhibited the ability for the audience to sympathize, or even 'fall in love' with them (Jupiter Scientific).

The asteroid, which is as big as the size of Texas forms the plot, setting as well as conflict within the movie. There is a man-nature conflict since the asteroid falls on earth causing devastations. it also modifies the setting by creating astonishing mood within the movie.

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All these try to illustrate biblical end of the world, but there is no information to prove it. They modify several components of a story like dialogue, setting, as well as theme. The theme of the movie is the end of the world. The largest asteroid will crush and end it.

The dialogue in the movie depicts the mode as well as the plot of the story. Towards the end, Truman becomes harsh on work forces since they are never serious with the work. The dialogue between Grace and his father portrays how he is harsh towards their relationship (Sneller, 2001).

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