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Mark Lee Talks Barneys Plans

This paper it's a review of the article "Mark Lee Talks Barneys Plans" by Lockwood, Lisa (2011). After receiving the post of CEO, Mr. Mark Lee called several reporters so that he could mention the changes that he was planning to effect at the Barneys. Burnleys, a chain of stores operating at various locations in New York City was going to undergo through major renovated. Mr. Lee plans to develop the following, renovate the main floor at the Madison Avenue store. In addition, he will improve men's co-op department. Large amounts of resources will be used to carry out these changes.

Mr. Lee will began advertising in magazines, national newspapers and online. He also plans to develop a web site, which will display the new products and profiles of designers. Products sold will include, leather jackets, jewelry and accessories. Mr. Lee plans to begin making the changes immediately. Within the week, he will introduce a new range of ready to wear variety called Azzedine Alaia.

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After Mr. Lee joined Bernleys in September, he made changes in the top personnel and gathered a new group of executives. These individuals, he was hoping would assist him in making his dream come true. He dreams that bernleys will eventually be the largest specialty store in the world. His priority is in marketing and communication.

The black and white theme will carry the day. It will be shown in all burnleys channels. National newspapers such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ and departures well run the print ads. The editorial site, which is to be launched immediately, will display the ongoing events including interviews. Notable persons like Greg Lauren, L'Wren Scott and Oliver Theysken will speak in these interviews. Mr. Lee admitted that being exclusive especially in New York is not easy. Still he was going to face the challenge and achieve total exclusivity. He said that Burnleys would not sell brands that are available in every shop.

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Finally, a major undertaking will be the connecting of men's co-op and women's co-op. a complete overhaul will be affected on the two on the eighth floor at the Madison Avenue flagship.

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