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Summer X-Games Skateboarding Events

The skateboard X games are one of the interesting games that are watched by very many people throughout the world. The x games are produced by ESPN and are as well known as extreme sports. It is referred as extreme sport because it has several categories along with skate boarding. The history of the x games shows that the first summer x game event took place in 1995 followed by the winter x games which occurred in 1997. From then hence forth, the events takes part twice every year (Mulisha, 2010).

The summer X games could perhaps be the coolest event and one of the best ideas that has I have heard of for a long time. There are 12 top pros of the street skating X games that have filmed a 60 seconds parts skating natural terrain and they were shown on They dropped a 2 parts every week for six weeks leading up to X-games. The public will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite part once all the parts are dropped to the public. During the summer X-games, the favorite part for the funs will be announced and all the 12 parts shown on the telecast where a panel of judges will pick the winner. The list of the judges contains Pat Duffy, Jamie Thomas, Geoff Rowley and Ed Templeton (Leino, 2009). The judges will pick the winner who will then receive $50000 and a gold medal. This is the kind of event that I cannot imagine missing as it is where the real essence of sport is caught.

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The skateboarding event contains many people who come to enjoy the games and have fun. The sport shops, which sell the skating items and discounting tickets, have very many customers and they are doing marvelous. The discounting tickets and the items really attract the teenagers who normally go the events in large numbers (World Cup Skateboarding, 2009). Another major contributor of the summer X games is the multi-media, which is currently under ESPN. The ESPN have the broadcasting rights of the events and are as well responsible for production of the events (Robson, 2010). They ply a great role in X games where they organize demonstration section in playground of the skateboarding and sometimes in school. They does all they can to make sure the X-games skateboarding are given attention due to their attractiveness.

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Some of the major and different skateboarding X games include street, park, street bad trick, vert, vert doubles and vert best trick. These different kinds of x games involves different items, which are necessary for the games to be played. The items are found at the sport shop, which is near the play ground compound (griffin & Ortiz, 2010). This shop receives massive profits as it sell a lot of items and tickets during the summer events. The summer x games events features six different sports; wake boarding, surfing, aggressive inline skating, BMX, motocross and surfing. The best and most thrilling of all these sports is the Big Air event which is part of the skateboarding competition. In this game, the skaters speed down an 80-foot launch ramp and land in a quarter pipe after hitting big gap while trying out their sick tricks.

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In this year's summer events, many usual suspects will be down in Los Angeles. The most favorite ones who will be present are skateboarders Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Shaun White, Cara-Beth Burnside and Ryan Sheckler (World Cup Skateboarding , 2009). In motocross sport the most likely people to participate are the high-flying masters Jeremy McGrath and Chad Reed. Travis Pastrana will be taking part in both rally car racing and in motocross. The other competitors that will participate in this year's summer games are the BMX biker Daniel Dhers, surfer Stephanie Gilmore and rally car driver Ken Block. These are some of the hottest competitors that will be looked upon in this year's competitons.

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