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Review Questions

Did the reviewers convince you that the topic of the review is important?

The reviewers are convincing enough that this is a very important topic to be reviewed. As it is indicated in the introduction of this review, the issue of romantic relationships has been discussed by so many scholars in the last two decades or so and the issue of the contributors to the quality of such relationships has become a growing interest among many. Therefore based on the fact that this review is dedicated to the establishment of the connection between the quality of young adult relationship to the adolescent family as well as peer relationships is convincing enough of the importance of the topic. The topic also touches on conflict resolution which is indeed one of the most important aspects of maintaining a romantic relationship and based on the fact that this is an issue that has been addressed by a lot of scholars on matters regarding relationships, the topic is in no doubt convincing.

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Is the review an essay organized around topics ( as opposed to a string of annotations)? Explain

This review is an essay organized around topics and not a string of annotations due the general structure of the review. This review gives a very excellent just like any other answer. The opening sentence of the introductory part mentions 'romantic relationships' which is the basic issue that has been addressed in the entire review. The introduction also gives some background information on romantic relationships and leads the reader to the general content of the entire review. The body is also composed of various subtopics that discuss different ideas from different scholars and then the termination is a perfect conclusion of an essay. The reason why this deviates from a string of annotations is the fact that different reports from different scholars are incorporated in the sub-topics as opposed to being presented separately in a series as it usually in an annotation structure. In short the structure as it is, is more of an essay than a string of annotations.

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Is the number of headings and subheadings adequate? Explain

The number of headings and subheadings is adequate in that they are distributed evenly throughout the report. Based on the complexity of the review the headings and subheadings needed to be as many as they are to enhance the understanding of the reader. The subheading that has been used in the report assists the reader to know the particulars of the sections and therefore as many as they might seem to be, they are needed in the report and very adequate. The fact that they have assisted in breaking down the subject or the topic into multiple sections that are easily understandable is convincing enough that they are indeed adequate.

Is the tone of the review neutral and non-emotional? Explain

The tone of this review is a neutral tone, the review addresses what the various researches (by different people) came up with and does not aim to convince the reader for or against any one of the reports on 'romantic relationships'. The issues being discussed here do not reflect a single report or a single scholar but a number of these and reading them as presented in the review, they are not emotional at all and this is justifies that indeed the tone used here is very neutral. None of the reports has been criticized in the review and neither is there a promotion on a particular report. The review is presented from an observation point of view and purely based on the results that have been discussed by the various scholars whose works are mentioned in the entire review.

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Overall, does the review provide a comprehensive, logically organized overview of the topic? Explain

Though the review is not as perfect as many would expect, the manner in which it has been presented is reflects an organized and logical overview of the topic. Through the use of subheadings, the review breakdown the topic into a number of sections that can be easily understood by the reader. For example, the first subheading is 'Young adult romantic relationships', for one to understand the connection between adolescent family and peer relationship to this particular subheading, it is necessary to have sufficient information regarding this and this is the reason behind the various breakdown as evident in the report. The introduction of the review also prepares the reader on the various things that have been addressed in the report and this has been successfully achieved. The conclusion captures the contents of the review and touches on the various things that have been mentioned in the report thereby making this review a good presentation.

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Is the conclusion/discussion at the end of the review appropriate in light of the material covered earlier? Explain

The discussion is elaborative in regard to the issues that had been raised throughout the entire report, the report begins by discussing the predictions of a satisfied adult romantic relationships. Different documentations by various scholars are discussed inform of an essay. These include; the family relationships in connection to the adult romantic relationship, the connection of the peer relationship to the romantic relationships, predictions of the stability of the romantic relationships based on gender, and the conflict tactics. These are featured in the discussion that discusses their validity and significance in the entire review. The conclusion also discusses the results of the modern survey that was carried between the year 1988 (Time 1) and 1995-96 (Time 2) and provides a good explanation on the various observations made.

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Are the suggestions for future research, if any, appropriate in light of the material reviewed? Explain

In the discussion part of the review  towards the end, it is indicated that, "In future studies, researchers might take a more differentiated look at family relationships, examining the effects....Finally, studies could include multiple processes through

which the quality of adolescent family relationships may in%uFB02uence later romantic relationships." This is a suggestion for a future research and it is very appropriate based on the fact that in future researchers may wish to get into details on the different relationships mentioned as indicated in this suggestions for example instead of the parent-child relationship, research on the mother-son, mother-daughter, father-daughter and father-son relationships that are more specific.

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Are there any obvious weaknesses in this review? Explain

There are but the one of the most obvious weakness of the report lies in the abstract. The abstract is supposed to capture the entire review but based on the fact that the report is divided into two major sections. After explaining the topic the abstract neglects the first part and goes directly to the second part which is on the research carried on the adolescents, "...young adult romantic relationships. Adolescents (N = 253) completed self-report measures of their family and....10-12; 7.."

Does this review have any special strengths? Explain

One of the major strengths of this review is the general structure in which the review has been presented in. The introduction, the subheadings and the discussion sections of this review elaborates to the reader the main topic as well as the issues surrounding it.

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What is your overall evaluation of this review on a scale from Excellent ( 10) to Very Poor (0)? Explain Thank you

On a scale from Excellent (10) to very poor (0), the overall evaluation of this report would score (8). The topic has been addressed properly, there is flow and connection of ideas in the entire review, the tone used is neutral and the general structure is good and though there are a few weaknesses as noted earlier, this review is generally good.

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