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The Lockhorns

The Lockhorns is a comic cartoon. This comic has been printed since September 9, 1968. The comic runs during the week and on Sundays. The main heroes depicted in this comic are Leroy Lockhorn and his wife Loretta. Both characters have their own features. These characters often depict changes that take place in our society. When to take a closer look at these people it seems that they never stop bickering. Leroy is depicted as a lazy man who drinks too much. Also, he is a bit of a womanizer. As for Loretta, she is much addicted to shopping what makes her dangerous both inside a kitchen and both outside kitchen.

Cartoon clearly shows that women do not want to take a secondary role in society. The married couple Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn are known for their constant arguing with each other. When arguing with each other, both people make humorous and sarcastic comments about their feeling and feeling of their spouses. Cartoon shows how women are moving from their traditional gender roles. These roles are often based on woman culture, religion and social conditions.

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Important remark about changing role of women was made by Freud, who once made the following statement: "women capacities to tolerate fluidity may, in fact, be hallmarks of their mental health." This quote from Freud has a very important meaning. It clearly shows that women change their role in society. The given phrase is a vivid proof of the fact that women are no longer what they have been in the past.

It is a typical example of how a different modern woman is from the women of the past. In other words, women start to perceive their strength and ability to bring in changes. As a consequence, women sometimes perceive themselves as someone who is stronger than men.

One more proof of my statement is the other phase from cartoon is a phrase that has been taken from this cartoon. This phrase was pronounced by Loretta. She once made the following statement: "Leroy sure didn't turn out to be Mr. Right. He's not even Mr. Good Guess". This statement clearly shows that Loretta perceived herself as a person who stands higher than her husband.

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In summary I can say that women are no longer what they were in the past. In fact they have changed their role in society. As a result of these changes women are no longer what they have been in the past.

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