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Human Spirituality & Epic of America


The purpose of this memo is to stipulate the audience of Human spirituality. 'The journal is written by Pat M .Baxter in the year 2010.The first publication was in United States of America. It has an ISBN number for hard copy as; 978-1-4535-61, for the soft copy is 978-1-4535-6130-0 and, for the e journal is 978-1-4535-6132-4.The second article is about the Epic of America. The articles are chosen, as they relate well with the current living conditions, where each human being need to embrace others equally in a humane way.

A description of the text

The two articles are from Xlibris cooperation and, little Brown journals. They clearly stipulate ways in which a Christian should live and practice. The author has literary used examples to elaborate these features .The table of contents serves as the guideline and it is well arranged. This is followed by a nice introduction that captures the reader's attention. Indeed, the introductory part of the journal is well exemplified. The second article elaborates the plight of equal rights amongst its citizen. It employs how the future of America may be envisaged to be a fair nation

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The thesis of this journal; How to live spiritual life has been dealt with properly. Various examples of individuals are used to indicate how a true Christian is supposed to live. (Baxter, 44).This article has an adept format style in which the A. P. A style has been employed. Right from Mary Magdalene to Julius of Norwich, real examples have been stated. There is a need to have confession towards the Lord.

A description of the Intended audience of the articles

These two articles are for intended audience of service too human kind. It may find its usefulness especially to those studying theology. It exonerates how Christians are supposed to live as brothers and sisters as stated by Giovanni. Furthers examples are given on spiritual nourishment and the realization of God's manifestation in our daily lives. The spirit of caring that Christians should embrace is stipulated by Mother Teresa. (Baxter, 72) She served whole heartedly, without thinking about others.

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On the other hand the article about the epic of America also specifies the pledge of a new Nation in terms of ideologies (Adams, 42). It has same consistency in theme with the first journal. The writers of both articles have expressed their views in way to captivate the reader. The underlying critical issues are expressed with concrete examples and metaphors.

These concepts have a clear summary at the beginning of each topic. This gives a clear analysis of what the topic is all about. In addition, self assessment questions have been added that guides the reader to meditate about the teachings. (Baxter, 36) The introduction of another topic has a bibliography of the person being discussed about. This brings the relationship of the events with what the reader is reading.

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Consequently the foot notes have been added to provide further readings. This makes the reader exhaust all ideas that are in doubt. To give it a physical attraction, some pages have drawings which have been used to symbolize the character of individuals mentioned. For instance, in the story of Jean cousin (1509-1564), drawings about love have been used to symbolize how Jesus loved us. This improves the readability especially for those people who don't like reading.

A description of the writers

The journal of Human spirituality is written by Pat M .Baxter in the year 2010, while the article about the Epic of America is written by Truslow Adams. Adams is a renowned historian who has championed for diplomatic approach in lives of different individuals. Baxter is known for engaging in retreats, caring for the needy and giving motivational talks about spirituality. She has been involved in preaching and showing good morals for others to emulate. Both authors have the same theme of service and equality to human being. The act of diplomacy and caring for others is brought clearly by these writers that make the articles motivating.

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Both articles have been written well and, concluding remarks are clearly stipulated. There is a coherent link in the conclusion with the topic of the article. One finds its summary and ensures the reader keeps in mind the content read. The journals are enjoyable to read and, one is able to get the points clearly. This journal can be highly recommended for reading, if one wants to enrich spiritual growth and, provide service to mankind.

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