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Human Rights Initiative

Amnesty International. Women's Human Rights, Violence against Women: A Fact Sheet, 2011.

According to this article, a woman experiences rape at every span of six minutes. If one counts, the number sold into slavery in China, the figure goes into the thousands. This is quite a wakeup call to the rest of the world this is an issue that needs addressing. 

Amnesty International. Violence against women, women's rights, 2011

This article says that clearly claims that the rights of women are effectively the rights of any human being. This is obvious because women are in fact human beings. Any deviation from the contrary would be a human rights abuse according to Amnesty International.

United Human Rights Commission, in the office of the high commissioner for human rights. List of Human Rights Issues, 2011.

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This article says, the list of issues puts children at third position, while it puts the issue of women's rights at the very bottom. This is good for the children, but not so encouraging for women, who need as much prioritization as possible.

National Organization for Human Rights (NOW) 1971. NOW: Leading the Fight Timeline of NOW's Work on Lesbian Rights.

The article on this organization formed in 1966, illustrates that they started to show support for the gay female sector. Recently in 2009, they sponsored the National Equality March. The organization has participated in many schemes, and reached most stigmatized topics within the female society. This is a plus for the women's rights movement. In this way, at least they receive assurance of a backing that will be there always. The other faction that is a victim of violations is children. For as long as they are weak, and in some cases having no guardians, children will always are victims of violation.

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Anup Shah. Global Issues; Social, Political, Economic, and Environmental Issues That Affect Us All Rights of the Child, 2003.

His article depicts that, although many countries have agreed to the convention for the children's benefit, many of them have not enacted these conventions. This shows a worrying trend in the global path in human rights, which needs to resolve.

Amnesty International, Children's Rights, 2011.

The article quotes the universal declaration of human rights, stating that they having equal right to these conventions, which is a standpoint that all nations should adopt.

U.S state department, diplomacy in action. Children's Rights, 2010.

The mandate, states that human rights is the cornerstone of the US priorities, but is this the truth? At this point, it just seems like a set of policies to make the nation look good.

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Embassy of the United States. Political and economic section, Supporting Human Rights and Democracy the U.S. Record, 2006

This article gives a clear understanding that the USA supports these movements abroad, but referring to the referenced information, henceforth, there is a disparity. It seems that the United States claims to support human rights initiatives at home, but in actuality, it is quite busy protecting those of other nations. These nations probably receive this help, not out of philanthropy, but out of calculated interest in what they have to offer to the big picture. There are other violations of rights in the country.

Amnesty international. Human Rights in the United States, 2011, Taser abuse.

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The article states that a little less than four hundred people have died because of Tasers in the United States since 2001.This represents a worrying trend in the path that police officers are taking by getting used to the objects as alternatives. It seems that the country is not innocent of violations as much as they would like to believe.  

Amnesty International, USA. Flouting world trends, violating international standards, 2001.

This article condemns the number of murders, and execution that took place in a place that upholds high standards of human rights like the USA. Thus, it is time for them to make a stand.

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