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The film "Gattaca" is a representation of the kind of future that the human race is walking into at this technological era. Specifically, it targets on exposing the pros and cons of having genetic screening techniques as part of our lives by introducing Vincent, the main character, who falls short in his quest of becoming an astronaut because of his genetic imperfection. He therefore has to live through numerous deceptive measures that are supposed to give him access to all that he needs to survive in a world that fully relies on one's genetic status. The article below gives an analysis of the implications of such conditions in our real world. It attempts to answer in brief some of the hard questions that concern genetic screening, for example, where to draw the line between faiths in God versus science. The article also gives conclusions as to who should own genetic information, and to what extent one is supposed to use this information as regards his present and his future.

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The film "Gattaca" tells us about an individual who was daring enough to reach the heights of perfection with imperfect inbuilt genes. The main point in the film is to try to predict the kind of future that the human race is getting into and its implications. The film exposes some of the disadvantages brought about by relying entirely on the genetic information that one's personality portrays. In many cases, a larger percentage of society has felt that picking out particular people; say for a job, depending on their genetic status is absolute discrimination. They find the whole process similar to racial discrimination and do not agree with what the government is encouraging now.

On the other hand, medics, for example in California, assert that the best way to tackle some of the health issue that infants may fall prey to is through proper PKU screening. The reason here is that prescription to proper diets is possible in order to assist children with weaker genes, and thus save lives. The other side to this is the fact that the same screening mechanisms predict the possibility of an "imperfect child", thus, many parents may opt for abortion. Religious concerns thus arise. To a vast majority of the world population that is Christian, abortion is simply a breach of one of the Ten Commandments. It is also illegal in many countries to discriminate against a person because of a disability, yet, many companies, while insisting on efficiency, ask to know the genetic composition of an individual before enrolling them for the job.

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Unlike common perception, science really compliments the creation that God did. Science is really a forum that gives a platform to an individual to understand the creation of God. The dilemma comes in when we as human beings forfeit our in built sense of conscience, and focus more on satisfying our own desires instead of helping one another in this imperfect world.

The government, through science regulatory bodies, has an enormous role to play in dealing with genetic screening. There must be a distinct boundary as to whom and to what extent performing of genetic screening should occur. An upright leadership should understand that life is God given, and that physical appearance, ability and talent is just a small part of what makes up the individual. Vincent, in the film mentioned above, fights against all odds to bit the "perfect" system created. The implication thereof is that gene imperfection does not necessarily mean that the holistic individual is imperfect.

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However, some situations will require subscription to such screening measures. This is especially the case for prenatal care done on the mother. The reason for this is not to induce fear about the future of the child, but rather to prepare the mother to the kind of care she ought to give to the child after birth. The information about the child's gene condition should be restricted to the hands of medics. This is because, beside all the panic that it has caused the world as we see right now, this information is vulnerable for misuse now more than ever.

Most of our medical practitioners have access to our genetic constitution. Some governments already have access to the same information, and some companies have excessive access to their employees' genetic information. As a condition for employment, some companies, as stated earlier, require that workers be screened, or bring over some records showing their genetic conditions in order to be allowed to work. This should not be the case. Regulatory bodies from the position of government should come up to enforce laws against this. The use of gene information is to protect the individual, and not as a way of exposing or discriminating against their weaknesses.

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Apart from matters that concern national security, an individual's genetic information should remain private. It might be extremely late to enforce some of these regulations for this current generation, but for the sake of our children and their future generation, it is important to protect the small amount of social and religious sanctity left over by our current state of affairs.

As an individual, I would, with all freedom get to know the genetic nature of my child. Nevertheless, this information will only be necessary to help me achieve the kind of medical attention that my child will require if need be. It is of no apparent use to change the creation of God, or even abort His plan for a living being.

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