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Emigration, Migration and Immigration in Israel


Immigration is the movement of or the act of passing or coming into another country or foreign with the purpose of settling there. On the other hand we can describe migration as the season movement of animals and human beings in such of basic things in life e.g. food, shelter and clothing while emigration is the act of going away from ones country or leaving home country to settle permanently in another e.g. moving abroad (Fein, 1992).

Overview of migration / immigration / emigration in Israel

The migration patterns in Israel in several ways have been conducive to demographic success of the Zionism and the Israelites since 1947 (Alekseyeva, 1992). To add on decisive success with growth in number of the Jews in Israel, the proportion in Israeli population and the worlds Jewry that reside in Israel coming from the 1967 war that Israel attracted the higher educational level immigrants than the other group which arrived in 1950 and 1960. In addition to that the emigration rates of Jews in Israel have been kept relatively low in many years and this include last decade (Alekseyeva, 1992). Moreover the return rate of migration amongst the Israeli-born Jewish emigrants has relatively been high and returnees highly educated as compared to the non-returning emigrants. To conclude it seems that Israel has been successful in integrating into the Israelis society of non- Jewish labor migrants that arrived in Israel since early 90s.

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Consider the impact of religion and how it has impacted the society of Israel, both historically and a current perspective


Historically religion has dominated impact in all aspects of Israeli society. The Palestinians land conflict that is going on is based on religious belief and it is tied in the idea that God has promised the land to the chosen (Avner, 2010). The idea is founded in the structure of Jewish people and never held by Arabs in the region. Culinary the culture is totally controlled by religious order and that is when and how the people gather and do their business and even marry. In Israel people consider to be bound together by faith from Jewish and through these the society is heavily influenced by the same faith through the food grown and what they eat, the clothes worn by them and the camps that are cooperative in protecting their cause. It is very important in noting that the three country's dominant in religion have same God and over time each emerged as one major world religion. The crescent, the cross and the star of Davis symbols are known all over the world and is specifically linked to the people that practicing those religions (Avner, 2010). The influence of religion to the world at large is not addressed but sufficed to say that the religion has a vast and straight influence on the aspects on each and every religion in the world.

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As one of modern world new societies, the other new societies naturally attracted Israel. They turned out to be the Israelis best friends in the world of today that is led by United States of America. The Jewish people were the first new society of record back in the biblical times (Dank, 1984). The Jewish like all peoples has both particularistic and universalistic tendencies but they have a difficulty in balancing them. The Israelites started out with the universalistic and particularistic dreams which became more of particularistic due to the situation. When looking at the matters more particularly, the Zionism and Israel together transformed Jewish life which has not been touched and have not been changed indirectly or directly for better or ill by combining both (Dank, 1984).

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The historic reality of Jewish people and the participants of every aspect of world affairs and yet somehow they are self contained in their own religion and the people togetherness. The State of Israel re-establishment restored connection between the geographic and the cultural realities (Dank, 1984). If the state is contemporary Jewish ticket in the world, Israelis land then offers a paradigm for the Jewish people and has been always and will remain.

Has religion played a part in past or present conflicts within Israel?

Demographically, it impacted on effectively doubling the population of the Jewish of Europe by release of captive Jews of the soviet empire and is having a major implication on Jewish life. After mass emigration of Jews from ex-Soviet republics runs its course, there are many Jews in republics as compared to the rest of Europe (Hughes-Wilson, 1999). In addition to that, the European Jewry ceased being a mere appendage of the Israelis institutionally and in the ideas. Increasingly the European Jews are asserting to themselves in ways that always go counter to the stands of Israelis (Assefa, 1990). These people are acting much less like the Israelis in exile and instead they act as people in Europe to stay thus having consequences for the Israelites and Israel-Diaspora relations.

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Address the ethnic makeup of Israel.

The Jewish divided traditionally into the Ashkenazim (east and central Europeans) and the Sephardim (Iberian Jews and the descendants) and still given formal recognition in choosing of two chief rabbis, meaning one from each community was given priority. The major division was between the occidentals and the Orientals. The majority Orientals generally believed in themselves as disadvantaged educationally, socially, economically when compared to occidentals (Bauwens, 1994).

How have migration, immigration, and emigration contributed to the ethnic makeup of the country? Discuss any current issues related to minorities.

The non-Jewish minority population is overwhelmingly speaking Arabic, on other hand the minorities' of Israel are divided into number of religious groups including several non- Arab nationals that are small (Boulding, 1990). The countries government has declared the intention of striving for the equality between Jewish and Arab sectors in population.

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Consider any other significant societal issues, such as women in development, which may have increased social conflict or the economic impact of migration and immigration.

Women and the children suffered the most in the society while they migrated due to lack of food and being forced to fit and settle in a new environment and people (Burton, 1984). Issues of the society were how to elect leaders and participate in there religious right to worship. Due to unsettling nature of life women were to stay and attend to their children thus poor development due to lack of opportunity to generate income and develop themselves. However through lack of opportunity in exploring and generating income by women, it led to economic decline and crime increase due to unstable economy of the country (Ceadel, 1987).

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