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Extreme Trend

Extreme sports are relatively new kind of games supposedly hyped by the media and new kind of youth culture. The psychology of the youth in this new culture and the fascination of death-defying fun make these sports extremely popular.

It is hard to define extreme sport but it can be described as sports activities that are related with adrenalin rush that is felt by the fans as well as the athletes. Extreme sports can also be referred to as adventure sports or action sports the reason being they fulfill the thirst for adventure and thrill. The sports do take their participants to the farthest end of their psychological and physical extreme.

Though in opinion of some the capacity of adrenaline-rush in the participants is a prime feature of these games but in medical view the rush or high associated with the activity is not due to adrenaline being released as a response to fear, but due to increased levels ofdopamine,endorphinsandserotoninbecause of the high level of physical exertion.Furthermore, a recent study suggests that the link to adrenaline and 'true' extreme sports is tentative.The study defined 'true' extreme sports as a leisure or recreation activity where the most likely outcome of a mismanaged accident or mistake was death. This separates the marketing hype from the activity.

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Athletes in these activities compete not only against other athletes, but also against environmental obstacles and challenges. These environmental variables are frequently weather and terrain related, including wind, snow, water and mountains. Because these natural phenomenon cannot be controlled, they inevitably affect the outcome of the given activity or event.

The term extreme sport was extracted from TV event known as The X games which was highly publicized. The ordinary simple games and sports are the origin of the extreme sports. Some of the most popular extreme sports include; hot air ballooning, wind surfing, mountain biking, hang gliding, paragliding, skydiving, mountaineering, ice climbing and bungee jumping.

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An extreme sport may be of competitive or non-competitive in nature. An ordinary game with added extraordinary and risky techniques to make the game more risky and thrilling turns the game into an extreme game.

The sport also shares a unique subculture that separates them from traditional team sports. It is a youth-oriented culture that has embraced punk music and fashion and emphasizes individual creativity.

These sports are very popular as they provide more than just adrenalin and thrills. For the folks who know these sports through the lens of x-games coverage and world's craziest videos on the television, those who take part are not necessarily athletes. Extreme sports which have been developing over the decades are normally written off as ways of bored warriors who revive their lives by playing dead. Even a quick glance at various extreme games shows that the creative expression, difficulty and friendship are more than those found in the normal sports (Extreme sports,

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Surprisingly, it was found that among athletes themselves, the title "extreme" and designation "thrill seeker" isn't as well accepted as one might think. Most told in a study that, while they've had plenty adrenaline-pumping moments, their real pleasure comes from mastering the rush and conquering risks with the skills and composure they've developed through years of training.

Extreme sports can also be described as alternative games. They demand high discipline and intense concentration. Although extreme sports involves a lot of risks and even death, injuries of many kinds are a reality and requires taking risks that involves a lot of consideration. Sports men who take intrinsic enjoy their sport very much and the returns surpass any fear of getting injured. This gives a lot of entertainment to their fans too. BMX, snowboarding, skateboarding, wake boarding, inline skating and other extreme sports have seen their participants getting hurt not more regularly than their counterparts in other sports like football. Extreme sports like sky diving which is considered as one of the most extreme, can be a pastime and not necessarily a sport.

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The alternative to life they present is the main reason they are called alternative games. At a first glance, our lives might seem to be very complete but at times life is repetitive and this makes it boring. Even if a person is rich or very successful, there is often one thing that is missing. Normally there is a feeling of living left undone, incompleteness, and a feeling of more things to do. Normally that missing piece of the puzzle marks itself in some form of physical activity that is particularly challenging. Man has always fascinated death and to most people, the greatest fear they have is death. Despite that fact, some athletes as well as their fans will look death in the face and feel very much alive. This one thing ignites the fire of continuing with these sports making them more popular and their followers are diehards.

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Instead of the typecast of thrill hunters unthinkingly throwing themselves into problematic way, extreme sportsmen and women train themselves the same way with those in the Olympics. They take hundreds of hours to practice for each hour of competition. After ups and downs that would discourage many traditional athletes, extreme athletes get up and continue with their training. This is one factor that encourages their fans and keeps them on their toes. This kind of determination directly contradicts people who think alternative sports are carried out on a craze of the current moment. What makes extreme sports extremely popular is the astonishing athleticism of the athletes, but not the possible danger. This is one of the driving forces that attract a lot of fans in the respective sports.

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To ignore the creative face in extreme sports is to ignore the entire magnetism of them. Each sport started with very few people who wanted to express themselves, but they only found the traditional sports not satisfying in some sense. The athletes were not alone but their fans too wanted to diverge from the unsatisfying sports and found fun in those extreme sports. For example skateboarding, one of the most popular of all the new sports began because surfers wanted to continue to feel riding waves when they were not at the ocean or when the surf was small. Similarly, snowboarding came about as a mixture of surfing and skateboarding for the athletes who live in snowy climates.

The nature of extreme sports poses a challenge that gives an opportunity of living life to the fullest. Heart stopping moments when people jump off the plane and wait for the parachute to open and skiing down the slope at extreme speeds with knowledge that it can mean disaster are some of examples of extreme sports that infuse them and their fans with a rush of adrenaline. At that particular moment, their hearts beats with a lot of excitement and being alive can never feel better than that particular moment.

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These games certainly provide fans with an escape from the monotonous of the everyday boring aspects of life. It gives them experience of something. That is the magnetism of extreme sports. It provides people with an escape from the monotonous of every-day life. It allows them to experience something that goes beyond the sameness of what most of their lives are comprised of what makes extreme sport popular.

When it comes to extreme sports, age is not a barrier. Senior people will often participate in an extreme sport to ensure they are enjoying much of the time they have left to live. Most of extreme sports are major boosts to the ego. They give people the right to brag and they have stories to tell for their entire life and this helps to boost their self esteem. Self esteem is also boosted when people feel associated with something that most people cannot be able to tackle. This makes these sports popular with both the athletes and fans too.

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Another reason for their attraction is passion for peril. There are many people who consider themselves as adrenaline junkies. These are people who can line up for longest hours just to be among the first people to ride a new tallest and super speed roller coaster. Fans are amazed by the determination, skills and courage of extreme sports men. Another thing is individual intrigue. Extreme sports have brought about love of individual games. Although extreme athletes would desire to finish first in the games they take, it is not all about the position. All the extreme sports pit the participant against him/herself as they attempt to achieve better performance than previous performances. This boosts their self esteem.











Companies have capitalized on popularity of these sports and use it as a money making venture. It is all about image, these sports are cool. With sporting goods, even the fans can look like paid professionals. This advertisement has helped to boost extreme sports to the greatest fame it is enjoying today. These sports have become very popular that people are looking to discover more new ways to expand them. This has led to things like ironing while skydiving. This tells that these sports are here to stay.

The fashion world, always attuned to youthful subcultures, was one of the earliest to latch onto the image of extreme sports. To conclude, extreme sports are one of the most attractive sports that have a huge admiration all over the world. There are a couple of things that makes them popular in clued; love for association with extra ordinary things, they help boost self esteem and ego, money associated with it and love for peril. Though in the opinion of the involved athletes the highly watched extreme sports on the television are thrilling merely because of the marketing hype involved and the strong urge is to watch the sports live. Still this involvement of money and hype continues to be inseparable crazy part of the events.

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