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The Effect of Immigration on the US

Thesis: immigration influences the US economy, labor market, social policy, homeland security and culture. Recent migration laws that were passed by Trump and his administration, and his proposals affect or may influence millions of people, including Muslims, Mexicans, and citizens of Central America countries. Immigration for the US has both benefits as arrival of foreign specialists and workforce, and cultural diversity and drawbacks, as high unemployment rates, decline of minimum wages and increased risk of terrorism.

I Positive effects of immigration to the US

A. Economic outcomes

   1. Complementing of labor market with employees that are ready to work on the positions, which American citizens refuse to take or are not qualified for

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     a. Supply of low-skilled, but low-cost workforce, necessary in many enterprises
     b. Migration of highly qualified professionals that are pivotal for some industries, which mitigates shortage of high-skilled specialists

   2. Migrants establish small businesses and larger companies, paying billions in taxes to the US

B. Social outcomes

   1. Rise of social, racial and cultural diversity in the country

   2. Rise of tolerance in the society due to integration of migrants in the society 

      1. In the long-time perspective, allowances that receive migrants are mitigated by their and their children’s economic contribution (Amadeo, 2019). 

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C. Political outcomes

    1. Improvement of international image of the US

       a. US obtains image of a country that assist people in critical situations (wars, natural disasters, economic crisis) that rises respect to the country and its value
       b. Increase of influence on the international arena, as acceptance of refugees is an instrument of influence in the negotiations (Mayda & Peri, 2018).

D. Cultural outcomes

    1. Enrichment of culture with new traditions and behaviors

    2. Arrival of new cultural forms and styles in music and art

    3. Impetus for innovation

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E. Historical perspective

    1. Migration formed the US nation

       a. Triggered economic development
       b. Cultural conversion with emergence of new unique culture

    2. Melting pot theory that suggest assimilation of migrants in future with enrichment of American nation

II Negative effects of immigration to the US

A. Impact on labor market

    1. Negligible effect on employment and work opportunities for native workers

    2. Competition on the labor market, with lower chances for employment for US citizens

    3. Negative effect on wages for workers due to abundance of working force (Amadeo, 2019).

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B. Homeland security issues

    1. Increased load on healthcare system, arrival and possible outbreaks of the untypical for the US diseases

    2. Increased load on educational system with necessity to learn migrant’s children and integrate in the society

    3. Potential rise of crime rates due to unemployment of migrants and social issues

    4. Potential rise of terrorism threat due to arrival of extremists

III Trump’s administration migration laws and asylum ban

A. Ban on migration of Muslims from a list of countries “with a history of terrorism”

    1. Targeted improvement of homeland security and protection from terrorism

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       a. Resulted in the inability to obtain travel visas for many Muslims and separation of families
       b. Stigmatization of Muslims and surge of intolerance towards them

B. Campaign on building wall with Mexica

    1. One of the most controversial and costly migration initiatives in the US history

C. Nearly total ban on asylum seekers from Mexica and Central America countries

    1. New ban prohibits migration of all who arrive on the southern border

       a. Disastrous consequences on refugees, including family separations

       b. Escalating of tension in the region, namely in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras 

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       c. Humanitarian crisis in the affected countries 

      d. Accusation of the US, and Trump’s administration in particular, in xenophobia and  racist policy (Montoya-Galvez, 2019).

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