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Public Health

World Health Organization (WHO) conducts surveillance in the collection of data on non communicable diseases. Surveillance is the systematic collection, interpretation and analysis of the health data, the data is then disseminated in a timely way to the various policymakers and those who may require the data. WHO, UNICEF and UNAIDS which are UN agencies also work together and develop a joint tool that they use in harmonizing data collection and also in minimize reporting of the data burden on the various countries.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), California Department of Public Health and the Orange county Public Health they all employ the condition of surveys and also use of surveillance. Also they get information that is collected by health institutions from people who visit these institutions under their jurisdiction. The Orange county Public Health also collects the information by use of home visits.

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World Health Organization (WHO) works in the coordination of global effort in the control of outbreak of infectious disease, like malaria, swine flu, Tuberculosis, SARS and AIDS. They also sponsor measures that treat and prevent infectious diseases. It also works on the development of effective drugs and vaccines. It also supports measures geared to food safety as unsafe food might cause diseases.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) it is a department of the Cabinet that has the responsibility of provision of essential health services to Americans and the protection of the health of all Americans.

California Department of Public Health it is an agency of the state of California that has the responsibility over disease prevention in California and promotion of good health. It is also tasked with the overseeing the medical use of marijuana.

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Orange county Public Health is a unit in the Florida Department of Health, that has a responsibility of the protection of the health of all those who are in the Orange County, in Florida.

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