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Public Health Record

A Personal Health Record is essentially a health record that is opened and retained by a person. The best personal health record provides precise and complete outline of the health and medical record of the person from data collected from various sources and making the information available in the internet so that the information can be accessed by any authorized person can view the information. PHR provides a tool that can be used to gather, monitor and share current and past personal health information or that of somebody under your care. The importance of maintaining Personal Health Records s that it save someone from inconveniences and costs of undergoing routine medical tests. Moreover, when there is need to undergo routine medical checks personal health records offer a clear insight regard an individuals personal health history (Freidman & Lazer, 2006).

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PHRs can be maintained either in paper form of electronically. Moreover, personal health records can be kept on a personal computer or on an internet based service. Paper based PHR are provided by health PHR providers while individuals are required to maintain their own records at home. Currently people are storing PHR in personal computers by adding details scanning records from health providers. Moreover, there are internet-based PHRS where individuals can log on ad access their personal health information using a password. Before selecting PHR storage method an individual should consider the accessibility, security and how easily they can be availed to the health provider. The three types of PHRs providers include, employer sponsored, insurance sponsored, provider sponsored and independent product. Consumers are required to make considerations regarding the choice of PHR.

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Employer sponsored PHR

A number of companies believe that providing PHRs to their employees is a good way to their workers of brings about responsibility and good health. Among the gains of employer-sponsored PHR includes low cost, connection to employer-sponsored health plan and capacity to add information not related to the employees health plan. The shortcoming of this health care is that when an employee leaves the current company the personal health record will be left the employer.

Provider sponsored PHR

A number of providers like the Veterans department provide PHRs to their staff and people who want to enroll. With the implementation of electronic health records, it is possible to see health providers and physicians provide more applications to consumers. This might include patient portal that includes a persons medical details in provider's electronic medical record. A true and authentic PHR allows the consumers to add their own information or information from other health care providers. The main advantage of provider-sponsored PHR is that information gathered by provider is transmitted to the PHR and therefore consumers do not need to add any information. The drawbacks of this form of PHR are that it does not allow consumers to add data from outside providers not linked to that PHR provider.

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Independent PHR

PHR products are available in the market ranging from free to those that a fixed monthly charge. In most of the PHR it's the customer who has control over the information entered in the personal health records. The major benefit of independent PHR is that consumers have absolute control over the information entered in their personal health records. However, theses PHRs have a shortcomings in that they are costly and they require total commitment from the consumer to their PHR details are updated timely. A number of corporations are also implementing PHR models liked to the 911 system to be used in motor vehicle industry in order to give immediate health information to emergency medical providers.

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