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Good Leadership Practices

Good leaders must be peaceful. He or she must not engage in activities that insight people to fight. He or she must be the kind of person who ensures that peace prevails. He must also be ready and willing to preach peace to all persons. He must also work with the principles of non-violence, cooperation and peace. He was instrumental in rallying states. A good leader must not be the kind of person who insights people to fight. He must be at the forefront in ensuring people live in harmony without rising against each other.

A good leader fights for the rights of others. He must be very instrumental in fighting for the rights of the less fortunate in the society. He or she works towards ensuring that everyone is equal and that no one is discriminated against. He or she ensures that discriminative actions such as taxation and inhuman treatment are not the order of the day. He ensures that women are allowed to occupy positions of leaderships. Learning is also restricted for the males only making the structure unfair altogether.

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A good leader works tirelessly towards uniting his servants. He feels that achieving significant progress involves everyone. He or she works towards avoiding utterances that are a threat to peace. These, according to one person, Mahatma Gandhi would only lead to a divided nation. He or she knows that lack of unity spurs further hatred among the citizens. This leads to animosity against each other and even possible war. Such divisions, according to Gandhi are unnecessary and an enemy to development.

A good leader promotes education programs to all persons. He believed that the fight against ignorance is important and would be achieved if children were sent to school. They would obtain careers just as he himself had done in his earlier years. The careers would then help the children to secure jobs in various institutions in both the private and public sector. Mahatma Gandhi was also concerned about increasing cases of poverty among Indians. These people had been poor for a very long time. Shanties were the order of the day. Majority of Indians, during the times of oppression could not afford modest housing for themselves and their children. At the same time, the families could not afford good meals. As such disease outbreaks such as kwashiorkor and malnutrition got the better of the Indians. Water borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid also became a threat to the lives of the Indians. For this reason it is important that citizen learn a variety of courses. These included medicine. Schools and hospitals should further increased to take care of this plight.

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A good leader is democratic leader. He or she must not be a dictator. His or her rule is characterized by consultations within government. He did not impose rules that work to the advantage on his people. He became a force to reckon with in the world since his administration techniques saw a lot of bench marking by many leaders in the world. Great leaders like Gandhi are on the fore front in encouraging the formation of political parties. India was not a one party regime. This gives people a chance to choose the leader they thought was best and who would therefore ensure India goes to the next level.

A good leader is very fair. He must ensure that all people are equal before the law. He is also very instrumental in changing the organs of administration in any country. This ensures that they match up to trends that affect the society directly. In an organization leadership must also be characterized by fair dealings. He or she must be the kind of person who exercises measures that are not punitive to correct wrongs done. He was one person who ensured that the rule of law stood out. He ensures that the constitution empowers the judiciary so that the court systems are impartial in their dealings. The judicial systems started becoming very fair in their dealings with the systems of government in place. He must also be practical in his dealings. He or she must be the kind of person that people will emulate in ensuring they are fair. This goes way into achieving organizational success.

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A good leader is decisive. He or she must be kind of person who decides on something and actually sticks to it. He must not be swayed by the wind seasonally to go back on decisions which even to him are important. This makes his juniors to respect him even in the future. A leader who is not decisive is unattractive even to his juniors. If he is decisive however, most of the decisions that he makes are always respected

A good leader is humble. He must be always willing and ready to listen. He in addition must be the kind of person that people are willing to approach. He or she must show that people actually have a right to approach him. The leader must also ensure that he acts on whatever issues people bring to him. Humility also gives him great levels of success as everyone will consult him.

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A good leader takes initiative. He must not be kind of person who wants to give orders. Delegation of authority does not apply in all cases. The leader is always at the forefront in ensuring that he leads by example. A good leader will not leave a paper lying on the floor because picking up papers is not his business. He must be always ready to help where his juniors are overwhelmed by work or actually absent for certain reasons.

A good leader is disciplined. He or she must ensure that he follows the rules and regulations of the body he is in charge of. He must also ensure that he keeps time always. He or she must not be careless in his dealings and the way he talks. He must ensure that he respects all persons both below and above him at the work place. The leader must be the kind of person whom everyone else in the organization will be willing to emulate.

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A good leader must be goal oriented. He or she must ensure he works towards achieving some certain goal and objective. The leader must also ensure that he uphold the principle of working towards meeting the objectives. The person must be in a position to review his objectives after results to check if he was able to meet his objectives. The leader must also ensure that this becomes the stepping stone for better performance.

A good leader works hard. He works towards meeting deadlines and harmonizes ever body else to doing the same. He must ensure that he starts his day early so that he can produce the best results in the day. He ensures he does review for all the things he is supposed t accomplish at the end of the day. The leader must also be ready and willing at all times to sacrifice a significant portion of his day to work for the organization he heads.

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A good leader must lead from the front. The leader must always lead by showing the way forward first. Such a leader ensures he knows how all departments work so that he can sometimes join his juniors.

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