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I am a dynamic goal oriented individual, who is hardworking and ready to embrace challenges that will propel me forward. Also, very common is my self-giving nature and have a great concern for other people. More importantly, I am a competent, responsible and ambitious person who believes in quality work and family values. My work life is compelled by my longing to see a society without people who are looked down upon .

Furthermore, I am an ardent team player who likes meeting and interacting new friends. I prefer participating in tasks that will prosper growth of organizations and am always on the front line in campaigning of organized duties. My desire to see a self-reliant people in the community have created in me a heart for the less fortunate in the society and love spending my free time with such persons. Therefore, if possible, I would like to work with organizations that are geared towards putting hope to the underprivileged groups.

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In addition, I have come to discover that I find more satisfaction in dealing with things with numbers rather than anything full of literature only. I would also love to be involved with challenging situations that will stimulate my mind and cause me to think beyond normal level. I have come to note that I am unusually slow when I am involved with practical work and I completely lose interest when performing manual jobs.

According to Myers and Briggs (n.d), the MBTI manual shows that my personality type is in congruence with ENTJ code. This means I am extraversion (E) in nature whereby I tend to focus on my outer world, I also prefer to interpret information I get and come up with a meaning, in other word intuition (N). In addition, the fact that I prefer looking at logic as well as consistency before making decisions, make me earn thinking (T) dichotomy. My forth dichotomy is judging (J) owing to the fact that I favor getting things decided than staying open to upcoming information or options especially when I am dealing with outside world.

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Myers and Brigg (n.d), purports that a person with ENTJ personality type is a frank and decisive person who will assume leadership easily. This individual will easily identify procedures and policies that are inefficient and illogical and will then figure out a comprehensive system that will solve such organizational problems and implement it. Moreover a person with these personality traits will aggressively present their ideas and usually enjoys a long-term planning along with long-term goal setting. The individual is well read, well informed and finds pleasure in increasing their knowledge and then pass it to others.

Being a hardworking and persevering person I believe that I will be able to efficiently produce good results in my future job no matter its location. My desire to learn expand my knowledge in the field of my specialization will act as a catalyst that will help me to advance in my career and thus become better placed to perform the duties that shall be placed on me.

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The fact that I am extraversion in nature proves my ability to focus on the outer world and therefore this shall benefit me to understand the external factors that will influence my career. Moreover, being intuitive, whereby I prefer interpret information I get and then come up with a meaning will enable me to become innovative. Based on Myers and Briggs personality indicator I fall in the thinking dichotomy, which indicates that I take advantage of logic together with consistency as I make decisions (Myers & Briggs, n.d). This kind of personality will be an added advantage in the progression of my work especially where I will be needed to perform a job with numerous numerical analyses where my interest falls.

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