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Understanding Prejudice

Following the IQ test I took , I came across vital information highlighting some key issues about prejudice and its history. This paper aims at answering ten particular questions related to the IQ test.


            After taking the test, I managed to score 8 out of the possible 10. From the grading described at the end of the test, I believe I have substantial knowledge on this matter and capable of making a number of objective conclusions based on the findings. What I learnt from the information on this site came as no surprise though some knowledge such as the extermination of nearly all the natives in the western hemisphere.

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            The question of whether or not genocide was committed against Native Americans may not be adequately answered, but in my opinion, though it has been said that genocide was committed against them, I do not agree with this claim. Columbus Day ought to be officially recognized as Public Holiday because it gives the natives and everyone affected by the tragic incident the ability to get past its effects and get the feeling of remorse on the part of the authorities for not doing enough to stop the extermination.

            One may ask whether or on the Indian team, mascots should be allowed to thrive. This issue has, for a long time been marred by series of controversies, some terming its prevalence as an act of racism and its actions demeaning. However, in my opinion, which should allow team mascots as they provide a means of championing for the rights of the natives. In addition, team mascots signify positive attributes of the natives, such as bravery, leadership, and respect. This is in contrast with what has been controversial about its nature as disrespectful. Stereotypes and prejudice toward Native people is common because for a long time they have been labeled as intruders, and that they did not reside in their present day place initially. They are also segregated because of their behavior as they group themselves along their native backgrounds.

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            Simply because of one’s residence on land previously inhabited by the natives, on should not be branded an accomplice to theft, neither should they be considered beneficiaries. This idea is stereotypic and racial as one is not responsible for what happened on the land before them. Non-Natives who ignore injustices advanced against the Natives demonstrate an act of prejudice. It is a form of prejudice because everyone deserves justice regardless of his or her racial backgrounds. Therefore ignoring injustices based on being Non-Americans is an act of prejudice at its heights.


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