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What Do you Like to Do on Cold and Rainy Days

Cold and rainy days are tempting because they attract sleeping or an activity that will keep body warm; if one is not careful, a whole day can be wasted in bed or in the couch. During these kinds of weather, activities such as watching movies, playing computer games are common with people. This is because such activities are better done while indoors. Outdoors activities become unpopular and population of people walking on the streets is low.

I do not like staying indoors the whole day when it’s cold or raining; I spent the morning hours indoors listening to music while taking hot drink on the couch. In the afternoon, I like walking down to the small river that crosses our farmyard. The follow of a full river excites me; I like to hear the sound of water as it thrush down with force. I do not like snowboarding but on such a day after coming up from the river, I like watching my friends, in the neighborhood, snowboarding.

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Many people find it depressing to work or walk in the rain; but in spite of fear of catching coughs, I like walking in the rain. The feeling of big drops falling on the umbrella is great; dressing code of people during raining and cold seasons is also great. The only problem I have with rainy days is that my hair usually becomes a disaster when it gets wet. People all over the city are always on trench coats and umbrellas; I find this dressing code quite wonderful.

I only wish that everyone can learn to enjoy cold and rainy days; many people do not appreciate the weather because there are no usual outs. I find the weather one of the nature’s wonderful and precious gift that it has given. I wish my friend love the weather because it would be greater to enjoy it while in company of people you spend time with in the usual days.

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