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Crafting the Personal Essay

I wish to apply for an opportunity to study for degree Business Economics. The Business Economics training program is precisely what I need to prepare me for my profession life. I am determined that UC can deliver me to my achievement as best as I plan it to, and can accomplish my ambition of becoming triumphant in the commercial business industry through UC outstanding Business Economics program.

The reason that makes me wish to pursue a degree in business is due to my passion in the field of study. I have been involving myself in many business-related activities while in high school and this has increased my attachment to the subject. While in high school, I was an active member of many clubs at SMC, an aspect that enhanced my socializing skills. Those clubs are honor society clubs, such as PTK and AGS. I did some volunteers while I was in those clubs (Ehrenhaft, 2008)).

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I am helpful, diligent, trustworthy and cooperative. I consider myself to be a social person and outgoing. I easily make friends and my temperament is very low. This aspect has enhanced my inter-relationship with other students in high school and wish to develop social business networks while in the university. This will not only help the students grow in business, but also increase my leadership skills. My dream is to become a successful business man in future. This is the reason why I wish to pursue business at the university. Leadership skills develop early in life and I believe that by having spearheaded various investment projects in high school, I see myself being on the right track to success. I acquired some work experience during the summer of 2010, when I worked at a parking lot. My responsibilities included fixing computers and internet connections. This experience exposed me to real life situations and I believe that with the relevant skills, I will surely make it as a successful business man.

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During my school holidays, I involved myself with many voluntary projects. Between the year 2010 and 2011, I involved myself with charity projects to collect money for African people. During the same duration, I helped to clean up the dorm. At the start of 2011, I helped collect money for the dorms gym as well as assisting in making machines for the same.

On joining the UC, I plan to start by achieving my objectives which I have categorized as short time and long time (Moore, 2010). My short time objectives are to maintain and upward trend in academics. This means that I will try to always attain the highest points possible in preparation for a business career in future. My long time objectives involve getting affiliated with a major business corporation in order to increase my business skills. My hobbies include playing soccer, court tennis, table tennis, and soccer. These activities make me occupied in my leisure times such that I have no time to think about other social vices.

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I therefore believe that I have what it takes to make it in the University for my First Degree. This would help me to establish a firm academic basis for my future business career. With fluency in English, I believe I don’t have many obstacles to my success. Given a chance, I believe I will develop my business skills in order to further my career in business.

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