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Mathematics and Physics Personal Statement

It is true that mathematics interlinks with philosophy and physics in a great way. My desire to study these subjects intrigues me. It has been my passion since the time I was young to venture into these fields, and learn more. My desire to explore and come out with successful inventions in the mathematics and physics world is further compounded by my performance, in my earlier years. My peers and teachers have always had a reason to advise me to pursue this field because they say, have seen some potential in me. These subjects stand out as exclusive subjects for me; for centuries, we as humans have tried to solve complex problems using reason and logic – both theoretical and physical. What never fails to astound me most by these subjects is the fact that when we come up with a new theorem or proof, we are one-step closer to finding the answers that mankind has pondered since anyone can recall.

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From a young age, I remember being fascinated in cosmology and astronomy. I also remember how excited I was when we started learning about the solar system at school and how it provided me with a deeper understanding of the scale of things – something which I hadn’t appreciated since then. I still carry this passion with me today and studying physics will help me conceive and appreciate the known universe further. I believe that I have advantages for this programme since I have very strong numerical and logical skills, which have developed, from my previous courses. My decision to study the programme has been strengthened by my enjoyment and success through studying related courses at my younger age.

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Besides education, I am also good in co-curricular activities. I am particularly very good in music and especially playing the guitar. I scooped the Duke of Edinborough Silver Award after 11 years of JuJitsu Grade 5 Guitar play. Because of this, I plan to take a deferred entry preferably in your college, which I know would offer such an excellent program. In my year out, I plan to travel to Japan (with the charity ProjectTrust). During this time, I will be teaching conversational English to secondary school students. This spells out my other passion for teaching and mentoring people. This program, besides assisting many, will also aid me in the improvement of my initiative and organizational skills. These skills propel me to join your highly graded college and moreso to study subjects, which require very good organizational skills and reasoning.

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I possess a strong grasp of fundamentals in Physics and Mathematics, an insider’s experience of an emerging science related problems, a penchant for teamwork and leadership, and a zest for challenges. I would like to take with me in addition to the knowledge of the latest theory and practices in the field of Physics and Mathematics, a network of strong and lasting relationships with my teachers and fellow-students. Pursuing this fields, will give me ample opportunities to apply my knowledge to real world problems.

In the future I see myself, as a very good teacher, with a wise and calculative mind, designing scientific problems and trying to solve them by use of reasoning and calculation. I intend to show my students the relationship between these three phenomena. To achieve this, I would like to gain exposure to the latest practices adopted in the field Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy. I hope my background and qualifications are found suitable for admission to the Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy programme at UCAS. I believe that I have the commitment and confidence to give my best in this programme in the university and even afterwards.

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