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My Love for Mathematics

I have often attributed my strong logical thinking to my early interest in mathematics. Abacus is the one that stimulated my interest for mathematics during my childhood. Working with the beads to perform different calculations really boosted my understanding of numbers. It made me believe that mathematics is an art as much as it is a science. Since I enjoy facing challenges, mathematics is the most suitable choice for me.

During my A level studies, I particularly enjoyed studying further mathematics, statistics, calculus and trigonometry. Throughout the learning of mathematical modeling and statistics, I was initiated into the new skills of collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting data. In order to acquire new knowledge in decision mathematics, I listen to BBC Radio4 Programme on game theory. By applying the new methods of differentiation and integration in many problem solving situations, I have familiarized myself with the diversity of mathematics. During the study time, I am keen on exploration and discovery and this interest has driven me to focus deeply into algebra studies.

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My strong skill-based foundation on pure maths modulars has been built adequately to sustain other applications. I also chose physics and chemistry for my A levels, and both of them have afforded me assistance in studying mathematics. I am applying my algebra techniques in solving simple harmonic motion problems and calculating the pH of acid and base for physics and chemistry subjects respectively. I have made attempts to find out the practical applications of theoretical ideas by doing experiments. In addition, I was awarded a pass in the Young Enterprise Examination. I have experience in a variety of business skills related to mathematics after working in several real life situations. For instance my participating in the Young Enterprise and working as a financial director really provided an opportunity to enhance my communicational skills. It also sparked my interest and enthusiasm to learn more on business management, entrepreneurship and financial mathematics.

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I am undertaking an Extended Project Qualification on mathematics about the golden ratio. Since that topic is outside the syllabus, I feel inquisitive to further investigate this number (0.618). I will find out how our daily life can be expressed by such simple and magical mathematics. For instance, a hot topic cannot be mentioned without Apple Inc. However, the interesting thing is that the spirit of the design in Apple logo is due to Fibonacci spiral of golden ratio which has its basis on mathematics. It is therefore evident that economics today is strongly linked with mathematics.

By doing research and producing dissertation, I will develop my ability to study independently and also broaden my knowledge in mathematics. As part of my achievement beyond academics, I have won three gold medals in UKMT Mathematics Challenges. Throughout these challenges, I have learnt to be persistent, patient and self-confident. I was given a chance to attend the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge run by UKMT and received the third place out of 30. I have also represented my school Problem Solving Challenge which was held in Surrey where I won the first prize. I was also able to learn the importance of team work. As a volunteer, I am involved in teaching primary school students mathematics in various interactive ways; this has enriched me with creativity and important skills like ability to explain.

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My election as the Head of Sixth Form has enabled me to give speeches in public. My organizational skills have been improved and I acquired good abilities in management and coordination. At school, I joined the Current Affairs Club and got an opportunity to have discussions on the latest global news or hot topics. Participating in extracurricular activities such as Choir and Jazz dance gives me simple relaxation and more importantly improves my time management. I look forward to exploring varied styles of gaining new mathematics knowledge in the university and its application in business management and finance. It is an amazing trip for me and I am ready to pursue the next stage of my life.

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