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An Introduction to Me

Christmas period has always had more meaning than I thought. It was not just because of a holiday mood. It is not for the Christmas gifts and presents alone either. It had much, much more significance to me. I was born on Christmas Eve in a charming city called Santa Clara in 1990. It was a beautiful city located in the middle region of Cuba. I got lucky to celebrate my birthday right before Christmas. I was among those who had special birthdays.

My parents got a divorce when I was only 2 years old when they divorced. My childhood was very lovely. I was growing up surrounded by love and comfort. I was such a happy child. My father had a country house. I used to visit him every summer and we had lots and lots of fun. My family was huge. I had three ants and seven cousins. The best thing about a large family was that I was always among loving people. Many friends were in my life at that time, but I could only trust only a few.

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I moved to the United States, Florida. Five years ago. It was a pleasant change, but being in a new place; with no friends was quite a challenge. My first year in Florida was difficult as I spent most of the time adapting to a new environment. As days went by, I started communicating with people. I had made a lot of friends before I even knew it. Life became much easier because I had somebody to talk to, and rely on.

My teenage years were complicated. I got pregnant at the age of 17 while still being in high school. A tough choice was to be made. I was a mother-to-be and a student. I wanted to keep a baby and still continue with my studies. I knew what the consequences of a teenage pregnancy were, but; I was determined to finish high school. My determination helped me at this point. Besides, my family supported me through this difficult period. They gave everything that I needed and encouraged me to achieve my goal. I graduated with a 3.6 gpa. I owe it all to them. It was the best family one could have.

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Currently, I am engaged to a man and we are very happy together. We are blessed with a beautiful son who is very handsome. Looking at him smiling fills my heart with joy. He is such an adorable kid. We have bought our first house and are all very excited about it.

As for hobbies, I adore travelling, playing soccer, and watching movies. While being indoors, I enjoy watching movies with my family and cleaning the house. I hate cooking. Fortunately, my fiancé loves to cook. My family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so proud of them.I have a dream to study dental hygiene. Knowing my determination, I am sure I can do it. Besides, I consider myself to be a mature lady and; I know when to laugh and when to get serious. I am a responsible, motivated and very positive person. No matter what I go through, I always believe in myself. I try to pay attention only to the bright sides of any situation. This is who I am.

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